Oleg Tsarev: Peacekeepers on the Whole Territory of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Andrey Parubiy demands to introduce peacekeepers on the entire territory of Donbass, and not just on the line of differentiation. He argues his requirement by saying that, allegedly, without peacekeepers he won’t be able to spread propaganda on the entire territory of Donbass during the forthcoming elections. If to proceed from his logic, then peacekeepers should be introduced also on the whole territory of Ukraine. Otherwise many politicians, opponents of the current authorities, won’t be able to spread propaganda across the territory of Ukraine. To be frank, already during the last presidential election I couldn’t carry out a normal electoral campaign. Back then visiting all the regions of Southeast Ukraine was problematic for me, and when visiting Kiev I got into such a bad situation that I am still surprised that I came out the other side alive.

Discrimination, the impossibility for a presidential candidate to carry out their presidential campaign, and attacking them is a gross violation of international principles. This is not a joke. Back then the UN chief Ban Ki-moon made a statement about the attack on me.

In Ukraine, civil conflict led to civil war. If the politicians representing today’s Kiev will have the opportunity to participate in elections in Donbass, their opponents Zakharchenko, Gubarev, Azarov, Oleinik, Markov must have the same opportunity to work on the territory of all of Ukraine. Otherwise, it would violate the basic principles of equality and non-discrimination enshrined in the rule of law.

The “Rule of law doctrine” simply means that everyone is equal before the law. These are the principles according to which the United Nations works. These principles are laid down in the Constitution of Ukraine too.

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If someone does not understand what Surkov and Volker have been debating about for so long, then re-read what is written above. The dispute is about equality and law. Whether the global principles of equality, law, and non-discrimination should be applied to Russians. Or to accept that they don’t apply to us. By and large, the entire Russian spring in Ukraine was a fight for equality, it was an uprising for justice. I don’t know about you, but I’m for law and justice. I even have an understanding of where and how peacekeepers, which Kiev begs the West for so strongly, should enter: Western Ukraine along the Zbruch river – peacekeepers of Poland; Transcarpathia – Hungary; Bessarabia – Romania; the rest of Ukraine – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

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