Oleg Tsarev: The More Politicians and Diplomats Speak, the Less the Military Shoots

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Arrest and even physical elimination can await the representatives of the People’s Republics in Ukraine. Such an opinion was expressed by the politician Oleg Tsarev in connection with the possible visit of the representative of LDPR to Kiev.

The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko visited the colony in Makeevka. Now representatives of the DPR hope to receive access to supporters of the DPR who are in captivity.

“It would be desirable to see reciprocal steps from the Ukrainian side. We wait for the moment when representatives of the Republic will be able to receive access to places where our guys are detained. We want to be sure that illegal methods of interrogation aren’t being used on them, and that conditions of detention of our supporters really testify to the humanity of the Kiev authorities,” stated the Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR Darya Morozova.

As was reported by DAN, Savchenko went on a private visit to the corrective labor colony on February 24th. In Makeevka she met the Ukrainian prisoners of war. After visiting the colony, Savchenko urged the leaders of the “Normandy Format” to help with carrying out an exchange of prisoners in the format “all for all”. The head of the Ukrainian prisoner release center “Officer Corps” Vladimir Ruban also visited the DPR together with Savchenko.

The situation was commented on by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the politician Oleg Tsarev. According to Tsarev, when he was engaged in professional duties, he financed the work of lawyers who helped political prisoners, including the arrested Berkut officers.

“But the fact is this work was not simple at all. In Odessa and in Kharkov lawyers after exiting the court were ran down by cars,” reported the politician.

Then they started directly in court handing over to lawyers draft cards for the army: for participation in the so-called anti-terrorist operation. The lawyers working with Tsarev were categorical opponents of it.

“We were compelled to employ female lawyers. Unfortunately, now this work was curtailed because of a shortage of means. But I think that we need to continue this work. Also we should help people who were arrested, who are in prisons there, irrespective of whether representatives of the DPR will be allowed or not to come there to check the living conditions of prisoners and detainees,” emphasizes Oleg Tsarev.

Tsarev considers the visit of Nadiya Savchenko’s to the DPR as a positive event.

“The more politicians and diplomats speak, the less the military shoots. That’s why it would be good if not only Savchenko came, but also Deputies who now unanimously say that Russian troops are there. Let them visit and look. Let journalists come who write full nonsense about what occurs on Donbass. Let them come and see with their own eyes, instead of spreading disinformation. It’s another thing is that if I don’t know today’s situation in Ukraine. It’s difficult for me to imagine that representatives of the DPR or LPR could come and freely visit prisons,” said the politician.

As Tsarev considers, the representative of the People’s Republics in Ukraine can await not the heartiest of welcomes, even physical elimination.

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