Oleg Tsarev: Poroshenko May Repeat the Path of Yanukovych

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian journalist Dubinsky reported that the President of Ukraine Poroshenko is going to return Yanukovych to the President’s post through the Constitutional Court.

For this purpose Poroshenko wrote the corresponding appeal to the Constitutional Court, which officially registered it. The politician Oleg Tsarev explained for what reason Poroshenko did this.


“The information that was now sounded by the blogger Dubinsky is nothing new. It became known
immediately when the Presidential Administration submitted a claim to the Constitutional Court on considering the constitutionality of the law on Yanukovych’s deprivation of the post of president of Ukraine.

The matter is that this fact creates a very negative precedent for Poroshenko. Yanukovych was dismissed by 226 votes. Although the operating procedure according to legislation stipulates that the president can only be dismissed in the event of his death, serious illness, via their own hand written statement, or via impeachment. But impeachment entails a long procedure and needs 300 votes.

Poroshenko is afraid of this. In the opinion of the population he discredited himself already more than Yanukovych did: Yanukovych’s approval rating even at the time of Maidan was equal to Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko, Klitschko and Tyagnibok’s joint approval rating combined, and was about 30%. Today, according to some polls, Poroshenko’s approval rating is about 6%. The people consider Poroshenko to be a much more bloody tyrant and dictator than Yanukovych. The ‘Heavenly Hundred’, the shooting of which is under a big question, was pinned on Yanukovych, but there are tens of thousands of people killed during the conflict – from which he earns money – pinned on Poroshenko.

The fact itself of the dismissal of Yanukovych from power in an illegal way speaks about it being possible to do the same with Poroshenko. It is easy to find 226 votes for his resignation in parliament: the unification of the ‘Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko’ and ‘People’s Front’ will be enough. Then Poroshenko, unlike Yanukovych, may fail to reach the border. He considers such a development of the situation to be a real risk, and that’s why, without looking at reputation losses, he submitted this claim in the Constitutional Court. And I think that the court will pronounce an unambiguous decision – that Yanukovych was deprived of the president’s post illegally”.

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