Oleg Tsarev: Poroshenko Sent a Message to General Ruban’s Handlers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) boasted that it had prevented the assassination of President Petro Poroshenko. And this is not a Hollywood blockbuster, although the text of the charges is more like an American thriller! In this case, the head of the center for the release of prisoners “Officer corpus” Vladimir Ruban was detained. He was taken into custody in Donbass from a checkpoint. The SBU accuses him of taking pistols, machine guns, and mortars from DPR soldiers and hid them in furniture to take them to Kiev. Supposedly he wanted to kill not only the leader of Ukraine, but also the head of the Interior Ministry. He allegedly also planned to shoot up the Verkhovna Rada. All of this was allegedly needed by the detainee in order to shake up the situation in the country.

In order to disturb public security, intimidate the population, and to provoke an armed conflict, Ruban decided to commit a terrorist act – to use a weapon to stage explosions and other actions that would pose a danger to people’s lives, cause significant material damage, and lead to serious consequences, it is said in the indictment.

Poroshenko demanded to investigate Ruban’s case as quickly as possible. However, the prisoner denies being guilty.

“They make me out to be terrorist number one,” said Ruban to the court. “I deny all charges and I have explanations. The operation that took place yesterday was planned by an officer by the name of ‘Kedr’. He wanted to go to the side of the ‘DPR’ and back. I was his driver. I don’t have a pass to cross into the uncontrolled territory. But I was involved and I am involved in prisoner exchanges. I have experience in complex operations and transfers. I had to take goods over to the other side and take furniture away from there. And that’s what I did. I arrived at the agreed time. Officer ‘Kedr’ came out to see me, and ordered to allow me pass through. I drove behind him for few meters, and then we were surrounded. It was a setup from the very beginning.”

For now he was sentenced to 2 months in jail without the right to bail and was included in the “Mirotvorets” database as an accomplice of DPR fighters.

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By the way, very little is known about the head of the “Officer corpus”. He plays the role of “negotiator” in the Ukrainian war against Donbass. Well, he reaches agreements on the exchange of prisoners. He was repeatedly criticised on Ukrainian television for his sympathy for the soldiers of Novorossiya.

“The weapons that he transported can hardly be used for terrorist purposes. And this whole situation looks very strange. All of this is sewn with white thread. And the articles that he is charged under do not reflect the potential of Ruban and his tasks. I don’t think he planned anything. In order for the preparation of a coup to seem authentic, there is need to prosecute 100 people together with Ruban. But when there is an investigation into a couple of people, it isn’t very convincing. Everything indicates that this is a provocation. This provocation is so gross, the charges are so serious against the background of public resonance that it is obvious that the security services could not cook up such things without a command from the highest leadership of the country. Moreover, it is obvious that there can’t be any dealings between Ruban and Poroshenko personally because of the difference in their rank. Another thing is that it is against persons or people who Ruban works for. One of the possibilities is that this is how Ukrainian politicians say ‘Hello’ to each other. As was said earlier, when the masters fall out, their men get the clout.

I think that the detention of Ruban is Poroshenko’s way of sending a message to Ruban’s handlers – he reminds them that they have to remember their place,” said the Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev to “KP”.

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