Oleg Tsarev: Poroshenko for Ukraine is a Suitcase Without a Handle or a Bottom

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Oleg Tsarev believes that agreements already exist between Russia and the US about Donbass, which aren’t advertized before the meeting between the Presidents of the countries.

News Front: Petro Poroshenko flew to Washington and even communicated with Donald Trump for some 5 minutes and 40 seconds. Impressions, feelings, and what can we expect as a result of this visit?

Oleg Tsarev: “I think that the visit was rather formal. Donald Trump now has a difficult internal political situation in the United States. He is a persistent person — he tries to pursue the policy that he announced during his electoral campaign, but it isn’t easy. And meeting with Poroshenko before he will meet Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin removes a part of the political load from Donald Trump. Therefore, such a formal meeting, of course, was needed by Trump. Another thing is that here there is a need to compare the two trips of Petro Poroshenko: the first – after his election as President. You remember how he was met, how he made a speech in Congress, how he met Obama, how there was a joint press conference. Well, and now the attitude to him is completely different. So, Petro Poroshenko and Ukraine turned themselves into a certain suitcase without a handle and without a bottom. Because, there is a need for more and more money, and already nobody wants to drag this suitcase.”

News Front: On the other hand, the bottom can be patched up. And now, judging by the reaction that I observed, there is such a feeling that: firstly, America sent a signal to Russia about the fact that Poroshenko already in principle isn’t important for us, we are already considering other options for the hetman of all of Ukraine; and on the other hand – Ukraine is needed by us, and we will not simply give this painful G-spot back to Russia. I.e., we want to control it, and we will make it painful for you, but, as I understood, they placed a stake on another one. Who can the Americans place a stake on?

Oleg Tsarev: Now the situation is such that regardless of whoever they put it on, they can bring anyone to power. Now Yatsenyuk’s team – the party of war – very insistently talks to Petro Poroshenko – about the need to change the Constitution, to hold presidential elections in parliament. So to say, this option would suit both Russia and the United States. The election of the President in Parliament, de facto, implies a federal system of Ukraine. The things that in general everyone talks about. What is just as important is that it would suit also the Ukrainian oligarchs, because a strong President enters into conflict with the oligarchical system of Ukraine. The parliament always was a negotiation platform. Ukraine is an oligarchical State, more than 40% of GDP is produced by less than ten families that own enterprises, only the land, railroad, and nuclear power plants aren’t privatized.”

News Front: It is actually the Moldavian scenario of development for Ukraine. There was a President Voronin – he was publicly elected, then it was cancelled, parliament appeared, which decides everything, and then an oligarch appeared, who, in the shadow, decides everything – like a director of a collective farm.

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Oleg Tsarev: “As of now it was not only one person, and actually such a structure – as is said, the superstructure shouldn’t contradict the base. When there is such an oligarchical State system, oligarchs lead their Deputies to parliament, and the parliament becomes that negotiation platform. Depending on how many Deputies you brought to power, the budgetary pie is being cut for those people who were placed in parliament. In this case the President acts as an arbitrator. And, starting with Yanukovych, this system began to limp. Why? Because Yanukovych himself was rather a large businessman with his appetite. Poroshenko is the same figure who works for himself, and he doesn’t fulfil the role of arbitrator well. Therefore, for oligarchs such a system would be ideal. I think that it would be supported both by Russia and the United States.”

News Front: In that case, Russia should refuse the integration of Ukraine into its space — at least like Belarus. It turns out that Russia will again pull back and will play the second, third, fourth number — after Brussels, after Washington, after the same Poland, which has its own priorities.

Oleg Tsarev: Russia simply needs to change the scheme of work with Ukraine – for work with one person. There is a need to work with people. Then there will not be opportunities for the political elite to deceive, and those obligations that they assume – not to be fulfilled.”

News Front: Important question: now, after Poroshenko’s visit to Washington what will happen at the contact line? What should we expect?

Oleg Tsarev: There are some scenarios. I don’t think that now anyone can issue an exact forecast of how events will develop. The scenario is that a big agreement exists, even if it’s not announced to the world, but it will be fulfilled – between Russia and the United States. And we very much hope that the meeting between the President of Russia and the President of the United States will take place at the high level. I know that the preparatory work is currently being carried out. It seems to me that it is Viktor Medvedchuk who will take a very active part in all these agreements. It’s not for nothing that Vladimir Putin focused so much of his attention on him, presenting him as a Ukrainian patriot – a hereditary nationalist.”

News Front: But why did he do it? I.e., who does Putin hope to deceive by this? Ukrainians who know Medvedchuk? And he isn’t loved: neither on one side of the Dnieper, nor on the other. Or Americans? To which he tries to say: let’s install a compromising figure of such good Banderists, while we will sweep away the bad Banderists together. It is similar to Syria, when the Americans acted as such: this is Jabhat al-Nusra — they are good terrorists, they only eat human hearts, and these bad ones — they at first cut off the head, blood the drink, and only then eat human hearts and livers. The White Helmets – those are in general remarkable

Oleg Tsarev: “Well you compared Victor Medvedchuk with…”

News Front: I’m not talking about this, I’m speaking about the principle, about the American approach, and why Russia needs to copy the American approach: good terrorists – bad terrorists, good Banderists – bad Banderists.

Oleg Tsarev: “Unfortunately, a lot of things are lost. And now, of course, it’s nonsense, but in order to somehow return a person to the political sphere, there is a need to present him as a Ukrainian patriot.”

News Front: But the Ukrainian patriots — it is people who love their country and don’t allow its dismantlement. I can name such people in alphabetical order and in huge numbers – from Tsarev to Azarov. I.e., there are people who grieved about the country, ache, and from the outside now worry and want the country to develop. But there is no possibility to make these people enter Ukraine.

Oleg Tsarev: “The policy was very competently done, work was carried out either to destroy, or to squeeze out from the country people who can act as the centers of the crystallization of protest processes.”

News Front: Then, maybe, it is worth asking a question in this way: under this Minsk amnesty fall also people who today are forced to stay outside the borders of Ukraine? So that no small pooch, no C14 member, no “Right Sector” member, no hound could come close, knowing that for this they will be shot where they stand.

Oleg Tsarev: “Yesterday I spoke with some friends, politicians who weren’t actively involved in the Russian Spring, and said: well, will you come back to Ukraine? They say – only after you. If you are able to return, if everything is good for you, then we will also go. Therefore, such is the situation.”


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