Oleg Tsarev on Poroshenko’s Conflict With American Curators & Who Will Be the Next Head of the SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The well-known politician, the Deputy of the last legitimate Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and the chairman of the Novorossiya parliament Oleg Tsarev about the behind-the-scenes fight around key figures in Poroshenko’s administration.

In Ukraine they started talking about the dismissal of the Chief of Presidential Administration Igor Raynin.

It is necessary to say that this talk is constant, but they became especially active after the practical joke on Poroshenko by prankers, the blame for which they hung on the administration. And now again they started to talk about this dismissal. Poroshenko thinks about early parliamentary and presidential elections.

In the conditions of expected perturbations, the position of the head of administration is key, and Poroshenko is dissatisfied with Raynin.

Traditionally, for the place of Igor Raynin, the current head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak and the deputy head of the administration who is responsible for all special operations on the territories of Russia, Crimea, and the People’s Republics Valery Kondratyuk is approached.

I recall that Kondratyuk is Nalyvaichenko’s creature. He longly and consistently works in contact with the American intelligence agencies, and was appointed to the last position under the pressure of the US.

It is necessary to say that the choice for Poroshenko is not simple. He doesn’t have enough of his own staff, while Vasily Gritsak is one of his.

That’s why the choice for Porosheno is such — to move away Gritsak from the SBU and to put Kondratyuk in his place, or someone like Kondratyuk, it means to hand over the SBU to the control of Americans.

Recently Vasily Gritsak seriously cleansed the ranks of the SBU, putting his people everywhere where it was possible. But irrespective of this, it is obvious that, having resigned, even if for a promotion, Vasily Gritsak will lose control over the department.

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Besides Kondratyuk, different candidacies are considered for the place of Gritsak.

One them is Yury Artyukhov, who worked as the first deputy of the SBU at the time of Nalyvaichenko. Judging by information in the media, there are no such illegal businesses that Yury didn’t manage to receive money from. Smuggling, money laundering, trading cars under dual registration. It is possible to film a multi-part series about his life and his schemes.

The successor   security officer obviously is able to earn for himself, for certain he will be able to earn for the President, but will he be able to keep a difficult situation in the country under control?

Yanukovych, at his time, appointed people to law enforcement structures, the main objective for many of which was earning money. They earned money but when there was a situation that demanded from them the fulfilment of direct functions and duties, we see that they didn’t succeed.

Also considered for the place of Gritsak is Vasily Burba, the Major-General who at his time replaced Kondratyuk at the post of the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. Vasily Burba, according to the journalist Vladimir Boyko, was related to the organization of drugs trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe through the territory of Ukraine.

One of the competitors for the position of the head of the SBU is Aleksandr Tereshchuk. The Police Major-General, who was lustrated by Avakov and then reinstated by Poroshenko.

Another number of candidates for the post of the head of the SBU are spoken about, but, in view of the low-probability of the appointment of them to this position, I won’t give their surnames.

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I don’t know if Poroshenko will risk transferring Gritsak to the administration. He understands well the importance of the fact that the SBU is headed by 100% his person. At the time he dismissed Nalyvaichenko with great difficulty (the US Embassy was categorically against it) when he learned that Nalyvaichenko not only duplicated and transferred to the US Embassy all information that was collected by his service, but also collected and transferred there the compromising evidence collected on Poroshenko.

Poroshenko’s relationship with the US is far from being cloudless. According to my information, the entire situation with Nasirov was unexpected for Poroshenko. Besides this, it was made clear to Poroshenko that it was a warning. After the court of the first instance made a decision on the arrest with bail set at one hundred million, Poroshenko tried to put pressure on the Court of Appeal and to replace the measure of restraint, but it wasn’t successful.

The ambassador of the US in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch personally met the head of the Court of Appeal Chernushenko Anton Vasilyevich and told him that if the decision of the first instance on arrest will be cancelled and Nasirov is released, none of the judges related to this case will flee abroad, and their property abroad will be seized. The same applies to the relatives of the judges.

This case is indicative.

If the United States was really interested in Ukraine implementing the Minsk agreements, then via the same methods Deputies, oligarchs, media executives, officials would have been long conditioned, and all necessary decisions would’ve be made by Ukraine.

The US plays their game in Ukraine. And it’s not in the interests of the US that Poroshenko is strong and independent. If they will not succeed to push through their man into the SBU, the US will more actively pedal the question of the expansion of powers of NACBU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) to allow NABU to wiretap, and by this to receive for this body, which is now completely controlled by Americans, the functions of the SBU on the collection of information.

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This is the situation in brief, with the state security bodies of Ukraine at this moment.

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