Oleg Tsarev: Poroshenko’s Plan for a Second Term – a Fire Sale of Ukrainian Land

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Continuing the conversation about the blockade of Donbass, Oleg Tsarev finds in Ukraine many more problems than in Donbass. Tsarev is sincerely surprised by the fact that Ukrainians passionately discuss the subject of “whether inhabitants of Donbass will die” at a time when their own destinies is hanging by a thread.

Oleg Tsarev: …Ukraine has big problems because of the deterioration of the economic environment. The economy is falling, the economy stagnates, credits were obtained up to the eye balls. And here there is a need to look for a solution. Petro Poroshenko found a solution, and moves in a certain direction. Information appeared in the media, which was widely discussed, that there was a meeting between Petro Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Rinat Akhmetov, and Lyashko. Lyashko changed many suzerains during all his political life, and at present he receives good financing from Rinat Akhmetov.

News Front: I imagine the memoirs of an elderly Lyashko. They will be called “From Boris to Rinat”.

Oleg Tsarev: I think that Rinat will not be his last one. It is for this that Rinat Akhmetov brought him along to a meeting, because Poroshenko wants to expand the coalition. He wants to make it complete in order to have votes, and that’s why he needs the votes of Lyashko’s party. For this he is promise the speaker’s place. “People’s Front” persuades that Groysman must be swapped for Lutsenko, and there is now very serious talk about this in the Kiev Ukrainian politicum. And Lyashko – instead of Parubiy.

News Front: And Yatsenyuk instead of Gontareva?

Oleg Tsarev: Yes, and Yatsenyuk instead of Gontareva in National Bank. And in such a way, it is possible to count on the majority part of the votes of People’s Front”. Although there, as far as I understand, knowing the moods in “People’s Front”, the considerable part of Deputies do not agree with such an exchange. I don’t know that the head of faction will do. The orders will be conveyed to him so that the faction supports this voting. You know, it’s even possible that he will leave the People’s Deputies — relations in “People’s Front” are at this level of complication. I say this about this exchange that is planned.

Why does Petro Poroshenko need it? After all, he has everything necessary: he is President, he controls all law enforcement officers, he controls the Prosecutor’s office, he controls Groysman, and the government. Why does he need voices? He needs voices because he has a plan for a solution for such difficult economic situation. During all the time of twenty years of independence of Ukraine, the remnants of the Soviet Union were drank and eaten away, and the remains of the plants and factories were cut up… Just railroads, nuclear power plants, and some ports remained non-privatized. Well, also some plants: “Turboatom” and “Odessa port” weren’t sold. But in general everything was sold. Only the land wasn’t sold.

Look on the bright side. I don’t know, but there are some conspiracy theorists who think that “Maidan” was done also because Yanukovych delayed the adoption of the law on the selling of the land.

News Front: And me, I reprimanded him for this terribly. You remember how we, in the year 20XX, personally sent to the leader of faction of Party of Regions Aleksandr Efremov a parcel with Crimean land? Afterwards I was summoned by the SBU…

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Oleg Tsarev: All of us were categorically against it. All of us understood where it leads to, and why all of this happened. And nobody wanted to allow this last selloff. But, nevertheless, Yanukovych was moving in this direction. The “land bank” was created, which had to skim off all the cream from the sale of land. It concerned tens of billions of dollars. And right now Petro Poroshenko wants to finalise this same swindle.

Please pay attention: three states — Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine control 30% of the market of grain. This is actually the volume that allows, in the event of an association and common actions in the market, to control the price, to establish the price, to dictate to the world the price of footstuffs. This, in general, is the most important task. And if Ukraine is removed from the equation, I don’t know in what figures it can be considered now — 7%, 8%, but in general it will be already slightly more than 20%. It, of course, is a lot, but it is already absolutely different figures. And the market of Ukraine in this sense is extremely important. It is important not just to seed and reap the harvest. And perhaps, maybe, not to seed and harvest at all. Here the games in the food market can be completely varied. And the market of agrarian land is extremely important. If the land is bought by such companies as “Monsanto”, and it is related to Biden, who took a leading role in the Ukrainian events, it is quite possible that this is one of the reasons for carrying out “Maidan”.

And so, the market of the Ukrainian land will allow to inject into the national economy — well, somewhere around 50 billion dollars. At this time the capitalization of such companies that I have spoken about, which will come on the Ukrainian market, will grow by hundreds of billions dollars. Therefore, they will not lose nothing by injecting this money into the purchasing of land, but the Ukrainian people will be people without land. Like the Jewish people once were …

News Front: A tenant on their own land …

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Oleg Tsarev: I want to remind that the first famine, the real famine in a granary of Latin America – Brazil happened exactly at a time when there, in very short terms, foreign companies bought up the land. There was nothing to eat. People died of hunger there. While at this time the grain was harvested and taken away, and controlled — it didn’t arrive at the domestic market at all.

News Front: Coming back to history, I remember when the methods of production in agriculture were changing, there was hunger. Over 200 years, the attitude of villages were slowing changing in Great Britain. There was hunger every year, little by little, during 200 years, and people starved. It happened in the Soviet Union, when there was a transition from private-ownership to collective farms – there it was swift, but there also was hunger: in the Volga region, in Ukraine, and everywhere …

Oleg Tsarev: This was practically worldwide. But 50 billion dollars, which will be injected into the economy of Ukraine, will allow Petro Poroshenko to quietly stroll into a second term, which he counts on. So, these decadent moods when he appointed either Groysman or Lutsenko as his successor, and was saying, “I, maybe, will leave”, are changing because now in his right mind he is planning for a second term. And it is exactly for this that he needs a majority in parliament — not just his own speaker, he needs voices in parliament in order to vote for the sale of the land.

News Front: And is it not simpler to announce termless martial law in the country? To declare himself the savior of the nation and the only leader, to dismiss parliament and to do it with his own decrees, and then to create parliament from those who he personally wants to appoint there.

Oleg Tsarev: The most important thing is that the question doesn’t arise in your head: will he have enough moral fiber to selloff Ukrainian land?

News Front: No it doesn’t arise.

Oleg Tsarev: Such thoughts don’t arise in anyone’s head. Because the person who, for his political ambitions, before the next meeting arranges an attack to receive some political points, sacrificing dozens of human lives, won’t stop at anything. And this is a serious challenge. A challenge for those who want to succeed Poroshenko. A challenge for the Ukrainian people. I think that Yulia Tymoshenko and “Samopomich” will categorically object. I think that Lyashko, of course, will behave in the way that is more favorable to him, and at any time when someone offers more money, he will change his angle. Therefore, Petro Poroshenko has no guarantees that his scenario will succeed. He has no guarantees because, just after the meeting with Poroshenko, Lyashko went to my former member of the same party who, in fact, gave a start to his political career. He consulted him, then went to Geneva, and met with Igor Kolomoisky. If he really will be elected, and everything will be done in order for him to replace Parubiy, it is still unknown how he will behave at this moment. It is important that his voice, his faction will gather all the cream from this banquet.

Everyone wants to earn on the sale of the last Ukrainian assets want: Lyashko – his ones, Poroshenko – his ones, foreign investors – theirs. The Ukrainian people will only lose.

News Front: Those traitors who the Ukrainian people chose at their own peril, they, like Tabaqui, will look for Shere Khan, who is more pleasant to them.

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Oleg Tsarev: Many will start to say that “well, we will sell the land, and then the power will change, and we will cancel the sale”. Try then to take back land from the United States! From the companies that today dictate to Trump how he has to behave. To take back what they paid money for – I don’t know such cases…

News Front: I.e., the situation with land can be resolved, to recoup it back only after events comparable to World War II happen? I.e., it’s impossible to take it back from the Americans peacefully?

Oleg Tsarev: 10% of the market of grain! You can’t put “iPhone” on a plate. When converted into corn and wheat, you can live a whole year on the cost of an “iphone”, but when there is no more wheat and corn, you can’t put an “iphone” on a plate and eat it. It is exactly the things that allow you to hold in your hand the whole world – the food market. It is an extremely important thing.

News Front: And it turns out that today the population of Ukraine already for a long time is not in front of any choice, but is waiting for who will incline them, in what concrete Karma Sutra position, and how soon this horrible, fatal copulation will happen – when Ukraine will become a “great agrarian superstate”.

Oleg Tsarev: While they now still discuss whether or not the inhabitants of Donbass will die from the blockade. Instead, they need to think about how to save the country!


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