Oleg Tsarev on the Presence of Foreign Military at the Independence Day Parade in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On August 24th Ukraine celebrated the 26th anniversary of the country’s Independence. In Kiev a military parade took place, which was met by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, and also the head of the Pentagon James Mattis and heads of military departments of eight more NATO countries, reports RIA Novosti.

For the parade there were 4,500 military personnel, including participants of the so-called ATO in Donbass. Also, more than 200 servicemen of NATO armies, Moldova, and Georgia marched through Kiev.

Comment of Oleg Tsarev:

Petro Poroshenko uses the parade for his internal political purposes. His influence falls, and he interprets the participation of western militaries as support for him personally from the US and the West. Of course, there is no such thing. The visit of high-ranking military means that the US placed a stake on war. Ukraine will be militarized. Poroshenko doesn’t play a role here: if there will be a need to replace him, then he will be easily replaced – the most important thing is that Ukraine carries out its function. After all, the representatives of the West arrived not to open new plants or hospitals, they came for a military parade. That’s why all of this support doesn’t bring anything good for business or for ordinary people all this support good doesn’t bear anything. Private investments won’t be given to a warring country. It is useless to give out credit money because it is impossible to return it back. The country will be allocated exactly the amount of money that is needed for its militarization.

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Moreover, foreign military contingents have been on the territory of Ukraine already for some years. I, along with others, was caught in encirclement near Shakhtersk, we were moving with a group of Deputies from Lugansk to Donetsk – a fighter with a Polish passport was buried in my presence. My acquaintance-militiamen constantly say that they hear foreign languages coming from the troops of the ATO, about western instructors and mercenaries. NATO soldiers, under the guise of exercises, came into Ukraine in 2013. Actually on the territory of Ukraine a not-legalized, officially undeclared military base appeared. In the country the American intelligence services work very systemically and consistently. They hold weekly lectures for SBU employees, form an agency: horizontal, vertical. Together with the Ministry of Defence they created the Department of special operations – those people who tried to stage sabotage in Crimea. The Americans train groups of saboteurs.

Whether this process will lead to an open conflict with Russia, or everything be limited to slow clashes in Donbass and the sending to Crimea and Russia of saboteur groups – time will tell. It will depend on the foreign policy needs of the US. But it is unambiguous that Ukraine will be used as a cudgel against Russia.

Yes, Ukraine has no potential for a direct war with Russia. But, after all, nobody expects Ukraine to be the winner in such a war. What is important is that there are people who can be thrown onto the firewood of war. Babel wrote in Red Cavalry that civil war didn’t stop, including because of a huge number of armed people who didn’t know how to do anything other than to fight. Then war was finished by the Bolsheviks, who sent masses of people to construct things. But it was a very difficult process, the fight against banditry lasted years. In today’s Ukraine there are many people with a weapon in their hands. There is nowhere to work. And for many others there isn’t anything else to do but to go to the ATO, and then to join gangs of veterans of the ATO, and to plunder businessmen. It becomes a way of life. And also there are media outlets that say all day long that war is ongoing, that everything is bad because of the enemy, who a finger is constantly pointed at. Here are the factors that form the basis for the war.

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