Oleg Tsarev: The Project of Navalny & Ways to Counter It

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Our society was raised on the Christian model of belief in justice and equality. Our socialism was only an attempt to embody the Christian idea about equality for all in front of God in a new economic model – in the socialist state. Justice is our sacral fetish. It is the main difference between our nation and others.

By the way, for the truth the Russian can not only give their life, but also with the same ease – take someone else’s away. It is precisely this quality that didn’t allow anybody to conquer us. But it is also this quality that ensures the fact that every revolt and revolution in our country is accompanied by rivers of blood.

Corruption inside power cardinally contradicts the expectations of most of the population of the country. Russians have a special attitude towards justice, and the injustice when the authorities elected to put their own lives on the line for the entire community but don’t think about anything else other than their own lives, is capable of causing such indignation among the people that it can tear the entire country into little pieces. And even if, in reality, the accusation of corruption can be directed towards not all representatives of the authorities. No matter if all published facts of corruption are confirmed or not. Having conducted a good PR campaign, it is possible to create such an ugly picture for people that, due to intolerableness to be reconciled with such a reality, the Russian will tear both the State and their life apart. I wrote about it recently in the article Deja vu.

The structure of a capitalist society itself is unfair. Moreover, we can’t live without a great purpose. Nothing can change it. That’s just how we are. And we have no great purpose. Some kleptomaniacs find a meaning for life in the fact that they accumulate bank notes, assets, factories, and palaces for future use. But let’s agree, attempts to pass-off as a great purpose the self-provision of oysters, prestigious cars, and a big house in an elite area doesn’t look convincing.

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The injustice of our society, along with the absence of a great purpose, are the main problems and painful points of our system. The excellent political strategy idea of Navalny that he shows in his videos is a contrast to the poverty surrounding the ordinary Russian, and the palaces of the new nobility. Nobility is inequality. While our people already rose against inequality once before – in 1917.

In the book “Antichrist”, Nietzsche, long before our revolution, wrote that the pursuit of equality inherent in the Christian religion will flood with blood the country where Christ’s precepts are perceived literally – our country.

All right. All of this is theory. And in practice the Russian authorities have only two options in the fight against those challenges that were thrown at them, and not only at them, but at all of us.

The first option is wrong. Apparently, it is exactly this that was chosen for implementation. Its sense is in the fact that Navalny and his exposes will be ignored. This option is wrong because it is impossible to block the Internet, and after a while it will not be possible to ignore it any more.

The correct option is, however, very difficult. The essence can be described by the phrase – “if you can’t win – spearhead it”. Having used this method, Petro Poroshenko severed at the root the coup against him, which began with the blockade of Donbass. Poroshenko took the helm of the blockade. And by such a non-cunning method, Poroshenko succeeded to remain in power.

The correct option lies in the fact that the Russian authorities – in the person of the President – puts the issue of the fight against corruption in pole position. Daily meetings, personal control, and numerous arrests of officials caught stealing of all levels without exception. The best way for victory is to intercept from the opposition the formation of the agenda. It is obvious that there can’t be success with just arrests, because corruption testifies to the inefficiency of the system of governance. Bribes are corruption-lubrication that helps in the conditions of a capitalist economy to slip into bottlenecks.

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This option, certainly, I like much more for the reason that it solves two problems at once. The first – the preservation of statehood, zeroing the threat of a color revolution – and the second – reforming the system of governance of the State.

Also this is a step towards the creation of a fair State system.

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