Oleg Tsarev: Rallies in Moscow Are Being Organised by the West in Accordance with the Maidan Scenario

The West’s attacks on Russia in order to shake it from within will continue. This was stated in an interview with the Federal News Agency by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev.

According to Ukrainian politics, the risk of a repetition in Moscow of the Maidan scenario exists, and the Russian authorities need to be very attentive. The spokesman of the Federal News Agency reported that in Kiev at first there were very few activists on Maidan.

“The first Maidan was very small, it had a lot fewer people than the rallies held recently in Moscow,” said Oleg Tsarev. “The Kiev-Mogilyan Academy and Catholic University brought their students out. In addition, on the first Maidan (in 2014) grantees came. They were enough in Ukraine at the time. We have branches of various non-governmental organisations that received Western funding, they were not only in cities – they were in each district center. It was a very thick net. And because there were few ordinary people on the first Maidan, they brought mostly those who were directly tied to help from the United States.”

According to the former deputy of the Rada, Western writers planned to organise Maidan in Ukraine a little later – closer to the presidential election.

“Media resources were created for this, people were prepared and so on. And as events started to develop faster, European and American structures had to unleash this machine, taking control over the protest on the fly. The ambassadors of Western countries actively participated in this. In particular, the ambassadors of Germany, the EU, Poland, as well as the Embassy of the US,” said Tsarev.

Shortly before Maidan, he spoke in the Verkhovna Rada, warning that the US Embassy was organising a state coup in Ukraine. You can find a video of this speech on the Internet.

“I asked the official Ukrainian authorities to intervene and prevent the implementation of this scenario,” recalls Tsarev.

According to the Federal News Agency, there were many opportunities to stop the protests.

“Unfortunately, the government acted late all the time. The government did not show itself from the best side, demonstrating its inability to meet the challenges faced by it,” said the politician, noting that the Ukrainian leadership should’ve worked ahead of the curve.

As for the forceful scenario in 2014, according to Tsarev, Viktor Yanukovych was put under huge pressure by the American Vice President Joe Biden and the ambassadors of Western countries.

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At the same time, people who held positions in the security structures of Ukraine were not always able to carry out their tasks.

“No military units reached Kiev – they did not comply with the direct order of the Minister of Defense. But that’s not because there was no such order. But because Yanukovych, although he was a good manager, he was not a military man, he was not from their environment. The Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs cooperated with Arsenal Avakov. A lot of traitors were also in the Security Service. In a sense, there was a loss of manageability. In peacetime, such people carried out their tasks, but they were unable to act in an emergency situation,” said the former people’s deputy. “The West pressed the oligarchs, they handed over Yanukovych. A lot of traitors were in his inner circle. Ordinary people, because of corruption at the top, did not want to defend the authorities.”

Concerning Russian law enforcement, at the recent rallies of the so-called “opposition” they, according to Tsarev, acted professionally.

“The police are following orders. What complaints could there be against them? They act professionally, clearly, and correctly in accordance with the law and the received instructions,” explained the interlocutor of the Federal News Agency. “You understand, when there are events with the participation of so many people, of course, there can be some excesses. Well, it’s impossible to gather tens of thousands of people and have something not happen somewhere! Even if it’s a peace concert or something.”

At the same time, Oleg Tsarev stated that now in Russia everything goes clearly according to the methodology of Gene Sharpe, and the counteraction to colour revolutions, in his opinion, should be complex.

“This is a complex process and there is no ready-made recipe,” believes Tsarev. “Excessive softness will lead to the fact that the authorities and the law will not be taken into account. Excessive rigidity will bring to the street even more people. Going to the protesters and fulfilling any of their demands will lead to the demands increasing all the time. If you ignore people’s demands, it can end deplorably. You have to be smart… There are no ready-made recipes. Since the West has taken matters seriously – there will be new challenges, there will be new reasons for protests. It will be necessary to make new decisions. This, unfortunately, is serious and for a long time. They will always fight against Russia, including in such ways. It is impossible to defeat Russia in war, head-on, and everyone understands it. But they will always try to blow it up from the inside.”

Oleg Tsarev believes that in a situation where there is the strongest external pressure, it is very important to try not to give reasons for protests.

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“It is obvious that the system of filters, which does not allow to register as a candidate for deputies, is obsolete,” assures the Ukrainian politician. “So, it should be changed without waiting for protests. In Sevastopol, the ‘Motherland’ Party was not registered for elections. It’s funded from the State Department, too, isn’t it? You can’t be afraid that opposition politicians will get into local councils. If people vote for them, let them work for the benefit of society – fight corruption, prove their usefulness. Deputies in local councils are not responsible for defence or foreign policy. There are no risks. And if they are registered, and they will not be voted for, then there will be no reason for protests.”

According to Tsarev, there are objective laws of state development.

“Relationships change. Society is changing all the time. The state is also obliged to change in accordance with the demands of the people,” explained the politician. “We all remember the stagnation of Brezhnev – happy and blessed times. But because power has not changed for a very long time, relations in society have not changed, and there have been strong expectations of change. Gorbachev came and, because there was a huge delayed demand for change, a revolutionary transformation started, which the country failed to withstand. God bless the health of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. But I’m scared to think about what will happen to the country when he leaves. The state leans on solely him. But that shouldn’t be the case.”

The interlocutor of the Federal News Agency drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian Maidan taught Russians a lot – any revolution always happens to the detriment of society and the state.

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“The Ukrainian Maidan had to teach the Russian authorities something too. The authorities need to do everything necessary to not give reasons for protests, he said.

Oleg Tsarev reminded that in Soviet times, when our country was on a socialist path of development, in the countries of the West there was a Comintern. There were a huge number of voluntary assistants in the West.

“People risked their lives and careers to provide help to the USSR. Information was transferred (voluntary scouts) and people came out to protests. Why? Because they thought socialism was the future. Because they thought socialism was a fairer society than capitalism. All of this was substantial leverage on Western countries. Social standards, the success of the USSR – it all allowed to keep the West on its toes. And if Russia is more successful than the countries of the West, if living standards grow, if the gap between rich and poor decreases in the country, Russia itself will be able to do Maidans in the West. And believe me, in such a case the republics of the former Soviet Union will gather around Russia again,” summed up Oleg Tsarev.

Recall that in July and August in Moscow rallies were held – mostly unauthorised – in support of 12 nominees for the capital’s parliament, which the election commissions refused to register because of the falsification of signature sheets and the identification of the signatures of the dead.

Politicians and experts express a well-founded opinion that behind the unrest in Moscow, which even resulted in coordinated actions of the so-called “independent candidates,” is an attempt by the West to undermine the domestic political situation in Russia, and the elections to the Moscow City Duma were only an excuse, and not a reason for illegal actions being deployed in accordance with the technology of colour revolutions, which was successfully implemented in Kiev in 2014.

RIAFAN, Nataliya Makeyeva

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