Oleg Tsarev – the Helsinki Meeting, American Political Infighting in Ukraine, and Putin’s Donbass Referendum Proposal

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The US President Donald Trump can score points for the next American elections by holding Poroshenko’s environment up as an example of the incompetence of his opponents. 
This was stated on the air of the “PolitWera” channel by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev.

“Poroshenko is a very vulnerable figure, and if the team of the Democrats and Soros place a stake on him, then Trump will bring him down very easily. In the US a number of criminal cases are being prepared against Poroshenko’s environment. He is a corrupt official, everyone knows this, and here it will be rather easy to fight against him,” assures the former people’s deputy.

“Look at what happened – Biden said about half a year ago that he doesn’t exclude the opportunity to become a candidate in the next presidential elections. In recent times Biden has been at the service of the State Department concerning Ukraine. If to land a blow on Biden, then Trump needs to prove that it was he who brought kleptomaniacs, Nazis, and simply unhealthy people to power in Ukraine,” added Oleg Tsarev.

He also stated that now Ukraine is not so much a line in the standoff between Russia and the West as it is an internal political battlefield between American politicians.

“We considered for a long time that Ukraine is a battlefield in the fight between the US and Russia. But Russia has been leaving the line of fire for so long that a new contact line, a new front was formed. Today Ukraine is a front between the of team Clinton and Trump, and now it is the Americans who will work things out among themselves. Of course, taking into account the US presidential elections and the recent meeting in Helsinki, Russia will be on Trump’s side,” believes Tsarev.

The former People’s Deputy of Ukraine spoke about what is actually important in the meeting between the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the US President Donald Trump for Donbass.

“Anyway, it is necessary to give thanks to Vladimir Putin for placing the referendum question on the agenda. Now it’s not about who will defeat who (…), it’s about whether to hold a referendum or not. Here the West and the western supporters of war [in Donbass – ed] found themselves in the most difficult situation: they were offered a democratic way to solve the problem,” specified Tsarev.

According to him, local residents would thus have to determine their future, which would put the “party of war” in Ukraine and in the West in an awkward situation.

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At the same time, he specified that the DPR and LPR consider all the land of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions as their territory. Besides this, he noted that a referendum already took place in the DPR and LPR.

In the words of Tsarev, immediately after Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump’s meeting in Helsinki, representatives of different Ukrainian political forces and possible candidates for the presidency started to frequently visit Moscow.

It is obvious to all that the authorities in Kiev will be changed, and that the approval rating of the current president has never been so low.

In Tsarev’s opinion, the elections of 2014 were also falsified. He personally observed how the Central Election Commission declared Poroshenko as the winner on sites where voting didn’t take place at all and on territory that was controlled by the militia of Donbass.

But back then there was the strong will of the transatlantic patrons on Poroshenko’s side, and none of the competitors dared to challenge the result. This time such a thing won’t happen. Washington will try to get rid of such a doubtful ally as Poroshenko.

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