Oleg Tsarev: The US Gave Zelensky a Tough Ultimatum

The well-known Ukrainian politician and former chairman of the parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev long before the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election quite unambiguously said (and in detail explained, why) that Vladimir Zelensky would win.

Also Tsarev, relying on his own sources, repeatedly said that Trump’s team will look for a compromising evidence on his Democrat rivals among Poroshenko’s environment. Today Tsarev, in comment to “Russian Spring” spoke about the true reasons for the ultimatum of Giuliani towards the new president of Ukraine

“The Americans, through Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and a very influential person in the US, delivered an ultimatum to Zelensky – either Kolomoisky or the West’s support.

Giuliani gave the name of the person because of who he was not able to come to Ukraine – Sergey Leshchenko. But this is not the case. This is only an excuse. The real reason is Kolomoisky.

And everything happens exactly as I said it would earlier. The Americans, generally representatives of the team of Trump’s lawyer and former mayor Giuliani, who participated in Zelensky’s election victory, predictably entered into conflict with Kolomoisky and his corresponding team. This contradiction was unsolvable — who is the main one who will continue to plunder Ukraine.

I warned that if Igor Kolomoisky does not reduce his appetite, then he may walk right into trouble. For some reason it seems to me that Zelensky in this situation will choose the West, and therefore Kolomoisky should say goodbye to his hopes of returning to Ukraine.

It would be possible to say ‘run Kolomoisky, run’, but, in fact, he has no place to run.

The only place where he can hide is Israel.”

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