Oleg Tsarev: The US Will Punish Kolomoisky If He Becomes Too Active

The former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev said that street protests against the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko will play in favour of his opponent in the second round of elections – the actor Vladimir Zelensky.

Since the probability of the actor Vladimir Zelensky winning is big, the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yuliya Tymoshenko will not act on his side.

“Carrying out a campaign in the second round in Kiev with erected tents and people shouting “go away Poroshenko” is much easier for Zelensky. Of course, Tymoshenko does not want to pay for his victory from her pocket,” said the former deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament Oleg Tsarev.

According to him, Tymoshenko always reasonably spends finances and is preparing for the next — parliamentary — electoral race.

Tsarev also said that one of risks for the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is his relations with the US, because the idea about nationalising Privatbank proceeded from the American side.

The US is fed up allocating money for Ukraine and watching how it immediately filters through Privatbank and leaves abroad

And if Kolomoisky’s influence on Vladimir Zelensky is too serious, Tsarev continued, it will be more difficult for the Americans to control the oligarch. Therefore, the public figure noted that Kolomoisky will be gradually moved away from the actor.

The former deputy specified that the chief representative of the oligarch Andrey Bogdan is no longer in Zelensky’s headquarters. And if Kolomoisky shows resistance to him, then the US will create intolerable conditions for him.

Kolomoisky was already forced to leave Switzerland – where he very much liked to be – for Israel, which, as is known, does not extradite persons of the ‘correct’ origin

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