Oleg Tsarev: Threats of Radicals Aimed at Zelensky Are a Ploy to Make Avakov Prime Minister

Ukrainian Nazi Zveroboy (Elena Belenkaya) appealed to the authorities because of the arrival in Kiev of the Russian channel “Zvezda” and the resonant accusations made by the police in the case of the murder of Pavel Sheremet. She said that the President of Ukraine Zelensky and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov with their own hands are preparing a coup in the country. Politician and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev believes that such statements are only a game for the purpose of appointing Avakov to the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.

“For five years, the Nazis ruled the show in Ukraine. Whatever crimes they committed, they were not detained, usually they got away with everything. As a matter of fact, they continue to move in this direction, but the situation itself is changing. However, radicals don’t feel that things are changing and they can get into trouble. This applies to both Zveroboy and the radicals who fight against the police outside the president’s office.

However, there is another game. The game played by Avakov, using radicals under his control, to be appointed Prime Minister. Zelensky is frightened by all kinds of Nazi groups and at the same time he is reminded that Avakov is a man who can bring order and take control of everything, and therefore he needs to be made Prime Minister. Avakov now has a very good chance of becoming Prime Minister: for this purpose, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs helped to carry out the disengagement of forces on the contact line in Donbass, carried out arrests in the case of the murder of Sheremet, and continues to show his effectiveness in the fight against radicals. And the more Zelensky is scared, the more Avakov will be seen in a favourable light.

With one hand Avakov ‘unleashed’ radicals on Zelensky, and with the other hand he protects him. Like a shadow composer, he plays on Zelensky’s fears and phobias.

The Head of Zelensky‘s Administration, Bogdan, is a man of Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky and Avakov are now fighting against Soros for influence in Ukraine. For their purposes, they need to remove the Prime Minister, who is subordinated to Soros, and put their own man in place. And the head of the ‘office of the president’ is doing everything to ensure that this scenario is implemented and successful.

Ultimately, of course, everything comes down to money. Soros wants to privatise the Ukrainian railway in order to keep the whole industry under control: depending on the tariffs he will impose on the supply of raw materials or transportation of products, the profitability of enterprises will be regulated.

Soros wants to buy Ukrainian land, privatise PrivatBank, continue to control the National Bank of Ukraine, and Kolomoisky believes that Ukraine should be robbed only via the citizens of Ukraine. This somewhat repeats the slogan ‘Texas should be robbed by Texans’. Because of this, a systemic conflict arose.

Therefore, it is very important for Kolomoisky and Avakov to remove the Prime Minister, come to power in the government, and ‘steer’ Ukraine independently. It is also important to understand that if Avakov becomes Prime Minister, he will become an extremely strong figure compared to Zelensky. And as I noted, Avakov’s chances of taking up this post are quite high. The current Prime Minister Goncharuk was given a deadline until February next year to fulfil his promises. But these promises cannot be fulfilled – he was told directly in the ‘office of the president’.

Therefore, Kiev is now discussing an option whereby Kolomoisky and Avakov will take control of the government.

In the past Zelensky wanted to put as Prime Minister a man of Soros-Pinchuk, so to speak, as opposed to Kolomoisky. But he saw that Soros is even worse than Kolomoisky, and at the moment ‘team Quarter 95’ together with team Kolomoisky works against Pinchuk-Soros. It can be said that there are three teams in power in Ukraine now : ‘Quarter 95′, Kolomoisky, and Soros. The first two united against the people of the latter – it is only left to watch how this confrontation will end.”

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