Oleg Tsarev: Trump Deliberately Leaked the Conversation About Biden

The well-known Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev commented to the ukraina.ru agency about what conclusions can be drawn after studying the shorthand report of the conversation between Zelensky and Trump that took place on July 24th 2019, the text of which was published on September 25th several hours prior to the meeting between the US and Ukrainian presidents.

Oleg, what impression did the shorthand report of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky leave on you? What did you pay attention to? What pieces of the conversation jumped out at you?

“Firstly, we have been waiting a long time for the publication of this shorthand report. Just a few days ago democrats raised the question of impeachment and demanded to give them the shorthand report. Many considered that Biden won’t be mentioned in the conversation at all.”

It is Trump’s game to get the Democrats close to this conversation. Afterwards, it will be easier to deal with Biden when they “disclose” the conversation, i.e., publish the shorthand report.

In Zelensky’s team there are a lot of people who got to him through Soros.

Soros was a big enemy of Trump some time ago. Remember how he paid for election rallies, a Maidan was almost carried out in the US against Trump. But some time has passed, and Soros signed with the Koch brothers, the billionaires and sponsors of Trump, a contract for the creation of a joint fund and stopped hostile activity in relation to Trump.

But this is no wonder because Trump took the CIA under his control, and the CIA is that body that created Soros. Using capabilities of the CIA, Soros created his business.

Having taken the CIA under control, Trump took Soros under control too …”

I don’t understand, I’m sorry, what you are you trying to say?

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“My point is that the people of that former Soros remained, and their beliefs also remained.”

What does this mean?

“So they still have friendly relations with people from the Democrat party.

Having read the shorthand report, only one thing becomes clear: Trump carried out the conversation very accurately, there really are no direct calls to deal with the Biden case.

He didn’t ask that Zelensky contact Giuliani. Zelensky brought this topic up himself. At the same time, Trump didn’t link the allocation of US military aid with the Biden investigation. Unlike Biden, who directly linked the cancellation of a tranche of $1 billion with the dismissal of the Prosecutor-General Shokin.

There is no direct link, but, nevertheless, it was clear for both me and for Zelensky (and it can be seen in the shorthand report) that Trump wanted Zelensky to deal with Biden’s business in Ukraine.

I have no doubt that after this conversation he had a strong feeling and confidence that he can make friends with Trump.

Before Trump’s conversation with Zelensky, all channels told Zelensky what Trump first and foremost wants from him. And when the Ukrainian president heard the surname Biden, it was enough that he himself raised the issue of Giuliani and promised the American President that the new Prosecutor-General will deal with the case of Biden’s son.”

After his conversation with Trump, Zelensky shared details of it with someone from his environment?

“Yes, absolutely. And information about it reached friends of Democrats from the last team of Soros, and the Democrats were caught on a hook and left with the initiative of impeachment and the demand to show the shorthand report, which further attracted the attention of the Americans to this deal that was in ‘Burisma‘ where Hunter Biden, the son of the Vice President Joe Biden, worked.

Whoever you are — senator or Congressman, having become acquainted with these materials, you will have no doubts that both Biden Sr. and Biden Jr. were involved in corruption in Ukraine.”

Zelensky asked Trump why the previous US Ambassador Yovanovitch was against him. A strange question, considering that she was fired before Zelensky became president. Why, then, was he interested in this?

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“Simply because Zelensky desperately wanted to please Trump. The ambassador in Ukraine Yovanovitch is a person of the Democrats, and not Trump. This was known to all — in Kiev, Moscow, and in the US.

Zelensky specifically raised this question in the conversation in order to make it clear to Trump: I am your friend because I have bad relations with your enemies and good relations with your friends. I am from the team of your friends. It was a psychological move by Zelensky.”

Aleksandr Chalenko

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