Oleg Tsarev: Tymoshenko is Searching for Sponsors, Soros is Looking for a New Prime Minister

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev told the “ukraina.ru” news agency that Kolomoisky and Pinchuk are no longer against early elections, and the people closest to Zelensky – Ermak and Razumkov – are ready to resign.

Oleg, what is behind this wild statement of Zelensky in Poland, in which he accused the USSR of unleashing World War II? What was the ultimate goal of this statement? And in general, why did he actually prefer visiting Polish President Duda to participating in the Israeli forum dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz?

“In Israel he was not given a word at the forum. This was perceived negatively by him and his team, as they thought that in such a case they would simply be background extras of Putin, who was given the floor.

Concerning his speech in Poland, Zelensky did not expect it to be taken so seriously. There’s a scandal in the President’s Office right now. And it is very serious, as it was attended by Zelensky’s assistant for foreign policy issues Ermak, who said that such statements should never be made. He was so upset with Zelensky’s speech that he was willing to even quit. He won’t quit, but he was thinking about it.

The text of Zelensky‘s controversial speech in Poland was prepared according to protocol. Once again, he didn’t think it would cause such consequences.”

And the protocol there, understandably, is from the old Poroshenko times and writes speeches using the former paradigm?

“Yes. Besides Ermak, Razumkov also thought about resigning, but he wanted to resign for another reason. He is constantly rebuked by the President’s Office for failing to provide the necessary votes. But as the Speaker, Razumkov, tries to behave correctly and tolerant, and it is not his problem that the faction ‘Servants of the People‘ consists of three groups – the team ‘Quarter 95’, including Igor Pavlyuk, who was a sponsor of ‘Servants of the People’ along with Kaletnik, as well as the teams of Kolomoisky and Soros-Pinchuk.

So now, against the background of the drop in the approval rating of Zelensky, Ermak and Razumkov’s mood is not very good.”

What is behind the desire to adopt a new law on media?

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“At first they wanted to launch the law in its strictest version. Then they wanted to soften it, but then they wanted to push it through as a whole. However, they did not calculate what strong resonance all this would acquire.”

And what now?

“So far no decision has been made – to accept it in its current wording or not. We’ll see.

And what now happens with Tymoshenko? Is she in opposition to the president or not yet?

“With Yuliya the situation is interesting. Before New Year’s Eve she held a meeting with her asset ‘Batkivshchyna‘. Regional leaders approached her. They complained that after the party’s funding was cut twofold, activists started to leave it for other parties. It is necessary to do something.

Therefore Tymoshenko called oligarchs – Kolomoisky, Pinchuk, and Akhmetov – to arrange a meeting with them.

She met the first one, Kolomoisky, and asked him for financial and informational sponsorship.

Kolomoisky promised to find such a sponsor for her, as he himself did not consider it possible to finance her party. He also promised media support. And we see that Tymoshenko has already appeared on the TV channel ‘1+1’.

In return, she promised to allocate some of the seats on her lists for local elections for the people of Kolomoisky. She also agreed to criticise the government and made critical statements about Zelensky in her speeches on ‘1+1’.

She wants to push for early parliamentary and presidential elections. Kolomoisky does not mind, as he believes that new elections will only strengthen and expand his presence in power.

Tymoshenko also met with Pinchuk. He is also not opposed to holding early elections. The oligarch also believes he will take more in the new elections. Pinchuk without any conditions granted to Yuliya access to his TV channels.

When Kolomoisky saw Tymoshenko on the channel, he immediately realised that Yuliya had reach an agreement with Pinchuk and accused her for it. As a result, he refused to look for her sponsors.

Well, Rinat Akhmetov, who never becomes in opposition to the government, does not want to meet up with Tymoshenko.”

Will the investigation into the circumstances of the wiretapping in Goncharuk’s office have any consequences?

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“The security services got the task to find where the leak came from. It’s just that the leak hits not only Goncharuk, but the whole government. Images are damaged. The SBU understands that mostly the recordings have come from their wiretapping. Now they are doing some internal digging. There is developments and there are suspicions who from the deputies of the head of the SBU Bakanov made and leaked these recordings.

But besides that, they did an examination, only one of the recordings wasn’t made from their bug. It was made from someone’s phone. Analysing who and where they were sat, and by the volume of the sound, Zelensky reported that it is the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

The IMF, Soros, Pinchuk, and others spoke in support of Goncharuk. Zelensky received so many calls. Pinchuk said that it is impossible to make Goncharuk resign before Davos. If they go there without a Prime Minister, it won’t bring any investment home.

But on the other hand, many of his defenders realised that Goncharuk had collected a lot of negativity, so Soros is now looking for a man who could replace Goncharuk. In addition, Soros is also unhappy with the leak of information ahead of time about the transfer of the railway to the Germans (the transfer is not fake, it will happen sooner or later), and now due to this it will be necessary to prescribe for Ukraine more preferential conditions.

If Kolomoisky wants Markarova or Vitrenko, or Avakov as candidate, Pinchuk and Soros are looking for their own candidate.”

Aleksandr Chalenko

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