Oleg Tsarev: Ukraine Became a Country Where Hatred Was Victorious

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian “civil service of veterans” reported that the status of a veteran of the so-called “ATO” was received by more than 325,000 people. I.e., a third of one million citizens of Ukraine are punishers who participated in the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass. The politician Oleg Tsarev considers that the Ukrainian authorities hastily push the maximum number of persons through the punitive operation so that in the future there are as many reasons as possible for hatred.

“Here, whether these figures are real or not isn’t that important. It’s not important if such a number of certificates were issued or all owners of certificates indeed fought. It is possible to add activists, volunteers, and sponsors to this quantity. A large number of businessmen, especially representatives of small and medium business, gave financial support to ‘ATO’ fighters. If to put everything together, there will be an impressive number of those who have connections to this war. The greater the number of people who passed through the ‘ATO’, the more difficult it will then be to reconcile the country. No matter how many generations were succeeded after war in Western Ukraine – descendants still remember who was a Banderist and who was in a destruction battalion and destroyed Banderists. 70 years passed, but descendants from both sides still don’t greet each other. Everyone remembers everything. Nothing was forgotten.

I am afraid that it will be in the same way now with participants of the so-called ‘ATO’ from Ukraine and militiamen from the republics. The Ukrainian authorities hastily push the maximum number of persons through the punitive operation, forming a reserve for the future. In a country where hatred was victorious it is necessary to form as many reasons as possible for hatred in the future.

The biggest trouble in today’s situation is that Russians kill Russians. We were again artificially divided and pitted against each other. Last time, in the last civil war, we were divided into classes – exploiters and exploited. This time we were divided into nationalities – Russians and Ukrainians.

Ukrainian nationalists haven’t had a foundation under their ideology for a long time. As Ukrainians and Russians are nearly one people, it was possible to prove its existence only by the ideology ‘Ukraine is not Russia’, like in the book of Kuchma of the same name. Usually national consciousness at the emotional level is based on a certain cocktail of feelings – love and pride for their own people and identity, and a dislike for strangers. A dislike, but not hatred. Hatred lies in the basis of the consciousness of the Ukrainian nationalist. Hatred, first of all, towards Russians. Hatred at the physiological level, and it is inexplicable.

Russians treat Ukrainians a priori with sympathy, and Ukrainian nationalists towards Russians a priori with hatred. In Moscow there is both a ‘Ukraine’ hotel and a monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky, and this pleases everyone, but in Ternopol there is the will to demolish the monument to Pushkin. I explain to myself this pathological feeling as it being simpler for some people to hate than to love. Hatred is a strong feeling. Hatred is necessary to divide the people. Attempts were made to lay in the foundation of hatred the idea of Holodomor being genocide carried out by Russians against Ukrainians, but they did it so clumsily that the idea choked. Until recently there was no rational basis for the hatred of Ukrainians against Russians. But this was until recently.

When talking to militiamen, one understands that they don’t get any joy from shooting at the enemy. Generally, we don’t rejoice when soldiers of the enemy perish. The militiamen have an understanding that the majority of those who died on the other side are deceived people. Fighters of the militia consider that if the agenda of TV programmes for Ukrainians is replaced, the majority of them will change their point of view. A completely different approach is observed in the Ukrainian media. There is every reason to call Ukraine a country where hatred was victorious. I am convinced that such a quantity of mobilisation in Ukraine was necessary just to push people through war in order to dirty as many citizens as possible in this criminal adventure under the name ‘ATO’. I carried out a dozen of electoral campaigns. Political strategists consider that if you solidly sway only one voter to your side, you can safely consider that you have four votes. Every active voter has relatives, friends, and acquaintances who they will convince of the same things that they are confident about. People don’t really like to admit their mistakes. And in the case of participation in the ‘ATO’ it is necessary to not simply admit your mistake, but to recognise yourself as a punisher – a war criminal. So-called veterans of the ‘ATO’ will find all possible reasons in order to justify themselves and to continue to hate Russians and the inhabitants of Donbass.

Pay attention to the diametrically different behavior of the leaders of the People’s Republics and the leaders in Kiev when soldiers of the Ukrainian army found themselves in a cauldron near Ilovaisk. The Republics did everything so that there were as fewer losses as possible, and those who were surrounded were offered the chance to exit through especially created corridors. In turn, the command of the UAF gives its units the order to breakthrough via combat. Now the losses in the Ukrainian army are being understated for fear of responsibility for having such an unskilled commandment. The authorities in Kiev are necromancers. They use the dead to solve their own problems – to obtain power and money and to remain in power. They use the dead to dupe, zombify, and divide the people. Whilst the country is still governed by necromancers, the war won’t stop, and there will be more and more death.

Any development of events suits the ideologists of Ukrainian nationalism. The most important thing is that as many people die as possible. The continuation of the ‘ATO’ in Donbass, clashes with Russia on the Crimean or any other border, war with Russia. Even a situation where Ukraine is liberated by Russian troops will suit them. The most important thing is a large number of dead, who can be put in the foundations of the alter of hatred. This task is so important that for the sake of its completion they will even agree to lose.

Our situation is different. From all the options of the liberation of Ukraine, the ideal one for us is one where Ukrainians don’t die. The best of all – if the battle for Ukraine happens not on the territory of Ukraine. Somewhere in Syria, in the water zone of the South China Sea, or Turkey. But I am afraid that such a bloodless option has less prospects. Now it is obvious that war can be stopped only by removing from power the organisers of war”.

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