Oleg Tsarev: Ukraine and Poroshenko Didn’t Justify the Kremlin’s Advanced Trust

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Oleg Tsarev, speaker of the parliament of Novorossiya, declared the possibility of a revision of diplomatic relations between Kiev and Moscow after the recent recognition of the events in Ukraine of 2013-2014 as a coup d’etat. “We will hope it’s not the first court judgement, and that the next judgment of the court will be about the recognition of those who organized coup as guilty. Also I’d like this court hearing to take place in the territory of Ukraine. And the consequences of this decision are that the Russian authorities may revise their agreements and relations with the Ukrainian power,” declared Tsarev.

As a reminder, on Tuesday the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Oleinik, and recognized the events of the Ukrainian “Maidan” as a state coup. During the court proceedings, the persons interrogated who at the time held the highest positions in the Ukrainian state, among others, were even the ex-president of the country Victor Yanukovych.

How exactly can the relations of Ukraine and Russia change after the decision of the Moscow court? For an additional explanation on the matter the Federal News Agency asked Mr Tsarev.

“I am sure that Petro Poroshenko and the present Kiev power was recognized by Russia as partners in negotiations with some advance. This advance was issued on the basis of Poroshenko’s statements made by him during the course of election campaign in 2014. At this time he said that he’ll finish the war in Donbass in two weeks, and so on. Now the decision of Dorogomilovsky court will give Russia a chance to reconsider its position regarding the legitimacy of the Kiev authorities,” noted the chairman of the Novorossiya parliament.

The new, “post-Maidan” Ukrainian power didn’t justify the trust of Moscow. Now it can be withdrawn with a clear conscience. However, the process initiated by Oleinik only recorded legally something that happened a long time at the political level.

“The decision of Dorogomilovsky court concerning a coup d’etat in Ukraine — in the same way as then similar decisions in the USA — is legally and absolutely right. But this in itself is not so much a judicial, but political decision. I don’t think that such a judgment would be possible if from the Kremlin and Russia there was still a desire to continue dialogue with Poroshenko as a full partner if any hopes were still laid on him. The legal decision here follows the political one. Although, of course, it was scrupulous and true to all the details,” summed up Oleg Tsarev.

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