Oleg Tsarev: Ukraine Should Become Part of Russia, and Putin Should Be Its President

NEW – March 26, 2022

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev told ukraina.ru why it is necessary to nationalise the property of Ukrainian oligarchs and why to attach Ukrainian lands

Oleg, everyone who is interested in the situation in Ukraine asks the question: where was Tsarev after the start of the special operation of the Russian army?

“From the first hour of the special operation until recently, I was with the first wave of Russian troops, I was on the territory of Ukraine, near Kiev. Now I have come to Moscow for a few days. And then we will decide where I will be next, now we are determining.”

Will you return to Kiev or to Kherson, Donetsk, Kharkov?

“I don’t know. I want to be given at least a week to rest.”

What is happening near Kiev? Everyone expected that very soon the Russian army would enter Kiev or surround it. Irpen was not even taken. What’s happening?

“They took Irpen. Irpen was surrounded, there is a very long sweep going on.”

What are the difficulties of taking Kiev? Or don’t they want to take Kiev? What is the problem?

“One Chechnya was taken in how much time, Grozny was taken in how much time, and here how many cities! As far as I understand, now the plans have been adjusted so that the operation in the east of the country will be completed first, there are 80,000 Ukrainian troops there, and after that other operations will begin.

It is quite possible that a more active operation in Kiev will begin by the end of this month. But I would not like to comment on the military agenda, because if you say everything you know, then not only friends, but also enemies will hear you, and it is unlikely that this will benefit the military operation.”

What is your impression of the actions of the Russian army and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the nationalist battalions that fought there?

“I will say that Ukrainian propaganda is very active. Their media are still working in the liberated territories.

This means that our fighters, residents of the liberated territories, soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, are listening to information about how the valiant Ukrainian army first stopped the Russian one and from day to day will receive weapons from the West and go on a counteroffensive, the war will end near Moscow with the capture of Moscow.

They work quite professionally, I think, you know, we have Ukrainian media, journalists, working at a high level, maintaining a high patriotic intensity.

I think that this propaganda is effective, and local residents are afraid to cooperate with the Russian authorities, and civilians and those who have not yet taken up arms are in a hurry to take up arms and join the victor’s army, participate in the victory.

Therefore, the issue with the Ukrainian media should be resolved in the shortest period of time. At least solve the issue with alternative information.

I have never been able to understand why the Russian Federation did not put its repeaters on the borders of Ukraine. If this had been done, I think the situation would be different now. The issue was a trifle. It is unclear why there is still no Russian media on these territories.”

Have you raised this question?

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“Absolutely. I’ve been raising it all the last eight years.”

Now there is information that allegedly Poland is going to introduce a military contingent to Western Ukraine, and under the cover of Poles, the UAF will rearm, regroup, equip in a new way. Is this information true? If this information is true, how should we treat the entry of the Polish army into Western Ukraine? How should Russia react?

“I have to react quite harshly. Statements from [Russian Foreign Minister] Lavrov and [Russian Presidential press secretary] Peskov have already been quite tough. I think we should do as they say. They say that if any military contingent is located on the territory of Ukraine, it will be perceived as an enemy and it will be destroyed.

I believe that it is necessary to decide first of all. The most important thing is to say what will happen next with Ukraine. I think we should say that this has always been and will always be Russian land, and we are restoring sovereignty over this land.

If we say this, it will be clear what flags to go there with, it will be clear what legislation to apply, and it will be clear to Russian soldiers and Russian volunteers what to die for. And it will be clear to NATO that we will not give this land to anyone. And it will be clear to Ukrainians that if we came to this land, then we will not leave it. The Russians never retreated or surrendered their territory.

It seems to me that this thing should be said in the very near future. I think it is necessary to appeal to volunteers and allow volunteers to participate in this company. These are hundreds of thousands of motivated people who could force the course of military campaigns.

And if this is done in the near future, we could speed up the special operation. And the sooner we finish it, the fewer weapons the West will hand over to Ukrainian troops, the fewer sanctions will be imposed, the fewer cities, buildings, infrastructure will be destroyed.”

When you say “Russian land”, what does it mean, what kind of legal registration will it have? Do these territories need to be attached to Russia?

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“I am expressing my point of view now. This should be the territory of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin should be president on this territory, as well as on the entire territory of the Russian Federation.”

And Kiev, Kherson and Kharkov, and Dnepropetrovsk, and Odessa, and Zhytomyr?

“Yes. This should be called the Southern Federal District.”

What are the borders in the west of this federal district – in western Ukraine?

“If Poland wants to enter, occupy Galicia and Volyn… In addition, we must never forget that the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant, the Rovno nuclear power plant was built by the forces of the Soviet Union. If they get it at their disposal, they will immediately disconnect central Ukraine from electricity, without a doubt.

They will have at their disposal the largest in the world, the only Soviet gas storage facilities created in such a volume on the territory of the Lvov and Ternopol regions. They will try to prolong this war indefinitely by making a no-fly zone and forming, updating, re-equipping the Ukrainian army, sending it to the east.

In the future, they will make this war endless, because sabotage groups, spies, and intelligence agents will always come out from there to the territory of the Russian Federation.

We need to take this very seriously. I look at how the Russian media react to the possibility of including the Republic of Belarus in military operations, and I think that the reaction is completely wrong.

We are not at war with the Ukrainian Armed Forces and not with Banderists and Ukrainian nationalists. We are at war, as the Soviet Union once fought – with almost the entire West or with the whole of Europe. But then the United States and Great Britain were with us.

And now Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and all are at war with us via the hands of the UAF. The challenge is extremely serious. It is impossible to succumb to complacent moods here.

The failure of the military campaign in Ukraine is the death of Russia, and it would not be worth refusing to help Belarus at all. If Belarus had now entered and occupied a number of regions of western and central Ukraine that border Belarus, it would have accelerated and radically changed the conduct of the operation.”

What should be done with western Ukraine — should denazification be carried out there, or should the Russian army go to the borders of Western Ukraine and stop?

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“I believe that it is necessary to take control of the entire territory of Ukraine to begin with. If the Russian Federation decides on some territories… if the residents of Ukraine decide to join the Russian Federation, then it is not worth hindering this.

If some regions in western Ukraine want to remain independent, it is also not worth hindering this. We need to give them to the West in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.”

Our author Kostantin Kevorkian delivered a text where he noted that it is necessary for Ukraine to be ruled by people like Oleg Tsarev. If you were offered to head either the government of Ukraine or the Southern Federal District, would you agree? Ready or not?

“I am ready to work at the place that I will be assigned, and do the task that needs to be done. But I am deeply convinced that Ukraine should be included in the Russian Federation, the president of the people, the people who live in Ukraine, should be Vladimir Putin.”

It is reported that Chubais has left. What is happening now with Russian business, with systemic liberals, some of whom were part of the management class of the Russian Federation? Will the Russian economy withstand the burden of sanctions or not?

“Let me not talk abstractly, I will tell you what the Russian Federation should do from my point of view.

The West has imposed sanctions. In Ukraine, the overwhelming majority of oligarchs opposed the Russian special operation.

The problem must be solved in one way — both the problem of Ukrainian oligarchs and the problem of Western sanctions. The gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation have been seized. But if they are arrested, what symmetrical actions has the Russian Federation introduced against the West? So far, I do not see these actions, steps. I think they should be.

We must nationalise all Western shares that are in Rosneft, Gazprom, Sberbank and other companies. I understand that some of these shares and securities actually belong to certain Russian officials and businessmen. Damn it! Oh well!

It is necessary to nationalise the property of Ukrainian oligarchs who came out in support of the Ukrainian nationalist government, and it is necessary to nationalise the shares that belong to the West, including those that hide from Russian legislation in the West.

Let them belong to Russian issuers. Then we will get a fairly powerful state economy. In Ukraine, maybe to a greater extent, in Russia to a lesser extent.”

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