Oleg Tsarev: The US Made a Decision on Poroshenko and Saakashvili

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was forced to release Mikhail Saakashvili from custody, because Washington forbade any forceful pressure being put on the former President of Georgia. 
Such an opinion was expressed to “Russian Spring” by the deputy of the last legitimate Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev.

“Before the Maidan that all of us have known about for a very long time there was another Maidan, which was organised by the supporters of Tymoshenko after her arrest. It took place on the Khreshchatyk near the court where Tymoshenko was tried – people with banners featuring offensive slogans towards the government were constantly there. Not much time has passed since, but nobody remembers this Maidan. The fact is that this Maidan wasn’t dispersed by anyone,” said Tsarev.

According to him, it is the desire to quickly deal with Saakashvili that betrayed Poroshenko.

“Poroshenko decided to try to deal with Saakashvili, he thought that now was the right moment. Poroshenko planned to accuse him of having links with Russia like how Yanukovych accused Tymoshenko, hoping that in this case the United States will not defend Saakashvili. Despite this, just in case, Poroshenko does everything carefully.

It wasn’t planned to arrest Saakashvili, the task was to deliver him to the Prosecutor-General for questioning and to see the reaction of Washington to this event. However, Saakashvili was safeguarded by the protesters, the image of Poroshenko suffered substantial damage, as a result of which he was compelled to resort to tough action. And then the United States intervened.

Poroshenko received not at all what he expected,” stated the former Deputy.

Tsarev considers that Poroshenko decided to roll the situation back, because the events showed that the current state of affairs is clearly not in his favor.

“It would be much more effective for him to ignore Saakashvili, like how Yanukovych at the time ignored the Maidan supporters of Tymoshenko. And now he is forced to look for ways out of this difficult situation.

The Americans forbade him from arresting Saakashvili. And the best way out for the President of Ukraine is to pay no attention to Saakashvili.

And everything suggests that Poroshenko adopted such a model of behaviour,” concluded Tsarev.

He also suggested that Washington has not made a decision about leaving Poroshenko as President: “If such a decision was made, events would have developed differently.

The ban on arresting Saakashvili indicates that he can became a candidate for the post of the Prime Minister of Ukraine under the new President.

The old slogan ‘neither peace nor war’ in the modern conditions of Ukraine sounds like ‘there is no dismissal’ of Poroshenko and at the same time ‘there is no arrest of Saakashvili’. Neither dismissal nor arrest.”

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