Oleg Tsarev: Our Victory Day in Ukraine Is Ahead

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Today with my younger son we will lay flowers to the monument to the Unknown soldier. For me the Victory Holiday will always be special. I remember this day since my childhood. In my memory it is inseparable from my grandfather-frontline veteran, who replaced a father for me. Grandfather veteran with awards. Flowers. Holiday.

But a few years ago it became clear that the victory over fascism in 1945 wasn’t definitive. The country that won in 1945 broke up into parts because it lost in the cold war and was betrayed by its elite.

And war is again ongoing. Again Ukrainian buildings are burning. I will obligatorily lay flowers at the grave of soldiers who died for the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War, but I have no festive mood. This is a holiday of Victory against the background of ongoing war. Russians continue to die, defending their lands. We, Russians from Ukraine, for sure have no desire to play war and to storm the cardboard Reichstag when our compatriots die in the trenches and our children hide themselves in the basement from shelling.

I envy, in a good way, Russians [from Russia – ed]. Parade. Flowers. Veterans. From parade to parade, the escalating power of the Russian army. 10,000 soldiers simultaneously marching in step, Iskanders, storm troopers, tanks, armored cars.

We now, for sure, have no mood for parades and holidays. I can understand parade during war when directly from it everybody who took part in it go to the front line.

I have no festive mood on Victory Day. War is ongoing, it is far from victory. The only justification for my absence on the front line is the unauthorisedness of the offensive, and it means the impossibility of Victory.

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And something else. Nobody owes anything to anybody. Russia doesn’t owe anything to Russians in Ukraine. Russia simply must be strong. We will do all the rest ourselves.

I envy my compatriots, those who didn’t surrender and are now in Ukraine, and I want to wish them firmness. I pay tribute to your courage. Despite everything, even through many have no festive mood, it is necessary to celebrate. To celebrate Victory Day today in Ukraine is a feat. Take care of yourselves. You are those who give hope to Ukraine. Perhaps, not only Ukraine, but also to Russia.

It is clear why our enemies are so afraid of this holiday. This day – Victory Day – reminds them that fascism-Nazism was already defeated on our land. We won at that time, and it means that we will obligatorily win now. And then it will indeed be our victory. Not of our fathers and grandfathers, but ours. And this Victory Day is still ahead. Happy Victory Day to you, friends!!!

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