Oleg Tsarev: What Does the Visit of Jim Mattis to Kiev Mean?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The arrival of the United States Secretary of Defense to Kiev for Independence Day says that the US placed a stake on the war. It means that the US decided to use Ukraine as a lever of pressure on Russia. It means that Ukraine will be given armaments; that lethal weapons from the US will be allowed and supplies will start. Or they will, as they do now, deliver weapon using intermediaries countries. It isn’t important. Important is the fact that the United States, regardless of the results of negotiations Putin-Trump/Surkov-Volcker, isn’t going to leave Ukraine. The American intelligence agencies are entrenched in Ukraine seriously and for a long time. American military instructors constantly advise UAF fighters.
What does it mean for Ukraine? It will bring nothing good to Ukraine. I understand Poroshenko’s joy. Kiev will greet Mr. Jim Mattis with a salute, but business and ordinary people has nothing to rejoice. The stake on war says that in Ukraine there will be war and ruin. It means that there will be no money in the country. Private investments will not go to the warring country, and money of the international credit institutions will give exactly the amount that will be necessary for the country for the performance of the main function – war with Russia. You will ask why wouldn’t the West allocate to Ukraine two hundred-three hundred billion for carrying out reforms, as was done in the Past with Poland. I will answer – nobody ever made investments in a warring country. It’s not in vain that earlier there was a forbidding rule for allocations of the IMF. If the country is at war, it is useless to invest money in it.
The attention of American officials and politicians never brought anything good to the object of attention. Improvement in Ukraine will happen only when either the Americans will lose interest in Ukraine or when they will be thrown forcibly out of there.

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