Oleg Tsarev: The West Will Not Just Simply Let Go of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Mikhomaidan pushes forward demands, which are clear to the Americans. For success there is a need to expand slogans, organize provocations, and for huge money. The visit to Kiev of Kurt Volker suspiciously coincides with the activization of actions near the Verkhovna Rada. The US doesn’t support an aggravation in Donbass. The effectiveness of sanctions is lost, and nothing holds Russia back.

Concerning why Ukraine won’t be handed over [by the West – ed] just like that, the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, who supported the Russian spring and was forced to leave Ukraine, spoke to the observer of “Politnavigator” Valentin Filippov.

Valentin Filippov: “Hello, Oleg. Petro Poroshenko the other day went to Avdeevka. Did he want to hide himself in the army? Or does he want to verify the faithfulness of the ATO forces? Or is it because it is closer to Rostov [where Yanukovych fled to – ed]?”

Oleg Tsarev: “Well, he simply went to Avdeevka to switch the focus of attention. After all, it is very important that in his situation Maidan is spoken about as little as possible, and that people speak about something else. It is always done like this. They create some PR pretext, and switch attention.”

Valentin Filippov: “I remember that when the last Russian Tsar went to the frontline, while at this time in St. Petersburg disorder began, so Nicholas II returned there not as the Tsar.”

Oleg Tsarev: “Well, I think that this situation still hasn’t been created in Ukraine. Here, in general, Mikhomaidan can be compared to the student’s Maidan in November 2013. Without the student’s Maidan, there wouldn’t be Euromaidan. And this Mikhomaidan also has its function.”

Valentin Filippov: “It isn’t real Maidan yet?”

Oleg Tsarev: “It can regenerate into real Maidan. But for this purpose many things need to be done.

It turns out that back then I was actually the only representative of the Party of Regions who very actively opposed Maidan. I had an instruction from the head of faction, and every day I contacted guys from the Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which gave me all news about everything that happened. Also, I had access to rather specific documentation.

During Maidan all political strategists were pulled together in Ukraine. Mikho Saakashvili also arrived with Georgian political strategists. There was Marko Ivkovic from Serbia, who staged a coup there. The guys from Harvard and from the State Department who were engaged in color revolutions came. Brian Fink, for example. And so on.

There were meetings, everyday the strategy of Maidan was developed, and many of today’s frontmen who are so active now and oppose Russia, after all these meetings they came and wrote reports. And I read these reports.

It’s funny. The reports were quickly written. If in the evening there was a meeting, then at night there was already a report: who stood for what, and who said what. It was interesting to read two reports written by different people about the same events.”

Valentin Filippov: “They didn’t strongly coincide?”

Oleg Tsarev: “Well, there is a personal approach, personal highlighting, and personal understanding.

Thus, many of those who showed themselves on Maidan were so active because they worked simultaneously for two sides. And in the event of Maidan being quelled, nothing will happen to them. On the contrary, they will receive additional privileges because they ‘helped’. And it is because they were very active that many of them now have suitcases [earned promotions – ed].”

Valentin Filippov: “You want to say that you knew beforehand that Tanya Chornovol will be beaten, or that the ear of Bulatov will be cut?”

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Oleg Tsarev: “You named exactly those two operations that …. Bulatov was a surprise, but we understood that something will be done because fewer and fewer people gathered. And every weekend some provocation was staged. Either Lutsenko will fight with guards…”

Valentin Filippov: “Yes, yes.”

Oleg Tsarev: “Do you remember, there was an interesting operation, by the way, on Lutsenko. When Lutsenko was visited in hospital by the ambassadors of three countries, including the ambassador of Germany.

They went to the hospital and stated how inhuman it is. You remember, he fought with the police that accompanied the terrorists from court, who planted a bomb in a monument that was supposed to explode on a holiday, and people could have been victims. A typical, 100% act of terrorism. Furthermore, Lutsenko clashed with policemen, and received a worthy retaliation.

When guys from the special service followed the trail, started probing the radio towers, to trace all who participated, and the ambassadors of all western countries actively participated in the coup, in its organization, they traced their movements, and traced the leaders of Maidan, it turned out that at some point in time via mobile communication on this day, when there was this fight, they found out that Lutsenko and the ambassador of Germany were in the same place during several hours. They started looking for this place, and found it – it turned out to be a restaurant. They took the bill from this restaurant.

I came to a press conference the next day and said that he drank so much that I would die if I drank the same. I would have alcoholic intoxication, while he went to fight after this.

And I had a speech and said: isn’t the ambassador of Germany ashamed to act in his support, knowing that Lutsenko drank so much in his presence. By the way, the ambassador of Germany didn’t participate in such events afterwards.”

Valentin Filippov: “He simply couldn’t drink so much again. He understood that he will leave without a liver.”

Oleg Tsarev: “Concerning Tanya Chornovol, it is a separate operation. Those who performed it aren’t alive anymore. It was guys from Dneprodzerzhinsk. It was an amateur performance of certain persons connected to the police and to the country’s leaders. I learned about what happened much later. This wasn’t included in the plan of events that had to take place for Maidan.

Why do I say all of this…

Because, knowing the cherished secrets of Maidan rather in detail, I imagine what titanic work it is. To what extent all of this wasn’t simple. And, reading these reports, I became a certain specialist in color revolutions. All these recommendations of political scientists that I read, now it is clear to me how slogans must be. What must be done to gather people. And all of this isn’t simple.”

Valentin Filippov: “I.e., you want to say that it hasn’t really begun yet [“Maidan” in 2017 – ed].”

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Oleg Tsarev: “Here two phenomena should be taken into account. The fact that Maidan continues to remain, and Poroshenko can’t disperse it — it works against Poroshenko. It indicates his weakness. It discredits him in the eyes of political elite in Ukraine and abroad. But, a Maidan that doesn’t expand is doomed to fade away and to not lead to the desired result.

In the near future we will observe two tendencies. On the one hand various asocial elements will slither inside Maidan, and it will be filled by these persons – who will continue to eat, live, and sleep there in tents – until it reaches a certain size. Gratuitous food, gratuitous accommodation. And it will undermine Poroshenko. But in such a state this Maidan won’t be able to overthrow Poroshenko, of course.

And, on the other hand, the longer it will stand, the less attention paid to it there will be. The less there will be written about it. Remember how long Maidan stood outside the court on the Khreshchatyk for Yulia Tymoshenko’s release.”

Valentin Filippov: “I don’t remember. I, in general, don’t remember this Maidan.”

Oleg Tsarev: “You simply got used to it. There were ten-twenty tents there. People lived there.”

Valentin Filippov: “No. I will tell you why I don’t know. Because there was no task to highlight it. And if there is no task to highlight it, then it means that it doesn’t exist. But now it is said that Maidan gathered in Kiev. And the western media doesn’t report anything about it. It means that it doesn’t exist.

In Odessa we had an old lady near the train station, who was standing. And for twenty years she said the same words to every passerby: ‘Be careful, America covers its tracks’.

People took photos with her. And she said: ‘America – it covers its tracks. It will destroy all of us’. Everyone greeted her. There were jokes about her on comedy shows. And now I am afraid that the SBU can catch her and put her in jail.

But she has a medical record.

She stopped buses at the station, the front door opened for her, she peeked in for one moment and said: ‘Comrades! America covers its tracks!’ And left.”

Oleg Tsarev: “Odessa is a special city.”

Valentin Filippov: “Why do I say all of this… Maybe there will still be developments. Someone will be killed. Someone will be kidnapped. Someone will be beaten. Someone will freeze in the snow. And this week Volker comes to Kiev. These two events aren’t connected in any way?

There is a Maidan. And a specialist from American comes to Ukraine.

And, probably, he will meet the President. And the existence of a Maidan in Kiev at the time of the distinguished guest and direct managers’s arrival from Washington – it must be connected.”

Oleg Tsarev: “The slogans that the current Maidan takes place under, are, first of all, directed towards the American audience. Towards Volker, towards the ambassador of the US. I.e., they come out with slogans that are understandable for them. For Americans, not for the [Ukrainian – ed] people. They are not designed to expand the base of the protest. But to justify their coming out in front of the Americans. It’s like, ‘you demand that there are proportional elections and an anti-corruption court operates, so we came out with these demands. We are pro-American, we are the goodies.’

But this isn’t enough.

There is a need to expand slogans, expand protests, to gather people. Of course, this costs a lot of money. Of course, there is a need to connect with foreign lobbyists, foreign media, to work with labor unions. With ATO members, with ATO veteran organizations.”

Valentin Filippov: “Tell me please, can this lead to an aggravation, a renewal of the war in the east of the country?”

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Oleg Tsarev: “The United States today categorically doesn’t want Petro Poroshenko to provoke the DPR and LPR; and the Russian Federation – to enter its troops for active military operations.

For what reason? Well, it is possible to assume that the US exhausted all ways of putting pressure on Russia. After all, the sanctions won’t be removed, they are cemented by Congress. They are going to expropriate Russian oligarchs, there is a date – February 2nd – when their property abroad will be reclaimed. The only things that remain are the things that can be done by the US as a last resort.

For example, Poroshenko will now initiate an attack on Donbass, while nothing restrains Russia. Volunteers will come. There will be new cauldrons. And they will reach the middle of Ukraine. And that’s all.

And maybe even Kiev.

And everything will collapse. But they [the West – ed] very seriously count on Ukraine.

Therefore it seems to me that this scenario of an attack on Donbass is equal to zero, in the nearest future. At the time of Russian presidential elections, various options are possible there, and already nothing restrains Russia. That’s why I don’t think that there will be some offensive operations by Ukraine.”

Valentin Filippov: “Well, I don’t know if this is good or bad.”

Oleg Tsarev: “A horrible end is better than horror without an end… And the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk remain in this uncertain situation.”

Valentin Filippov: “Well, in general, there is lots of pity for them. Well, for the rest of the population of Ukraine it is necessary to say something. Because their Ukrainian propaganda deceives them. It calms the population of Ukraine all the time, saying: ‘Putin will attack imminently’. And [non-brainwashed – ed] people have hope. But Putin doesn’t attack.”

Oleg Tsarev: “People are in despair.

It is necessary to understand that Ukraine won’t be handed over [by the US – ed] just like that. It was already divided up. Everybody already calculated who will earn what, and from where. And today attempts to create independent Ukraine will be perceived as attempts to dip into the western pocket of specific people who consider that it is already their money.

You remember, like how it is in the movie. ‘It’s not your tooth, it’s not even my tooth. It is their tooth’.

So the situation is difficult. Ill-fated people. Ill-fated people in Ukraine, ill-fated people in Donbass.

We will see. God loves Ukraine and Russia, and always somehow helps. We will hope that in this case not-very-simple case, somehow…”

Valentin Filippov: “Well. Huge thanks.”

Oleg Tsarev: “Goodbye, Valentin.”


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