Oleg Tsarev: Western Vultures Will Grab Ukraine’s Land For Peanuts

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The world bank and the EU started preparation for the opening of the farmlands market in Ukraine. It is precisely the land reform with the subsequent possibility of the sale of land that has long been the main demand of the IMF for the crediting of Ukraine – the previous time the IMF representatives demanded to start the sale of the land was in March of this year. The politician Oleg Tsarev is sure that the Ukrainian land will thus “go” to the US and Europe for nothing.

“Farmlands on the territory of Ukraine were the cause of not only one war. To receive the Ukrainian lands practically for nothing, without being involved in a war, is the longtime, I would even say historical dream, of western capitalists. For Russia it would be extremely important to have Ukraine among the friendly countries with which it is possible to sign agreements, like those that act between the oil manufacturing countries. Because Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan together control a third of the market of agricultural production, namely crop growing: wheat, barley, corn, and oats. And any agreement would allow to dictate the prices of this production in the markets. It is no longer possible to establish such control without Ukraine. You can’t eat ‘iPhones’ and Boeings, and the population steadily grows. That’s why the question of controlling the food market is a matter of the security of every State – after all, should there be a food shortage, there will be a need to pay big money for it.

The Ukrainian land, ports, nuclear power plants, metallurgy, and railroads are the things of value that still remain in Ukraine. But the most important from among them is certainly the chernozems. All the land can ‘leave’ the country, on the back of IMF credits and the dollars that the US prints. Its cost today is manyfold less than in Europe, and that’s why it is possible to buy it up literally for kopeks. The Americans tried to reach an agreement with Yanukovych about this: he was already heading down the path of creating a database of farmlands and the adoption of certain legislation, but then he didn’t fulfil his obligations to the representatives of the US – and there are experts who believe that this is indeed the main reason for ‘Maidan’.

Americans ‘come’ on the market of production of agricultural products in Ukraine very densely: the Dupont and John Deere companies opened leasing programs for Ukrainian agricultural producers. Literally over several years under these leasing programs 30% of agricultural machinery were updated: producers could lease western equipment without needing to make a down payment, just with a few % annual interest rate. Initially such conditions look very favorable, but, eventually, an overwhelming number of producers became the debtors of western firms. When opening the market of farmland these firms will receive access to Ukrainian land.

In order to lobby their interests, the Americans launched the political project – ‘Agrarian party‘. It has every chance of entering the parliament, and I am sure that the opening of the farmland market will become their main demand. I.e., the market of farmlands won’t bring advantages and it especially won’t bring benefits – Ukrainian land can be taken away for nothing”.

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