Oleg Tsarev: Zelensky and Kolomoisky Decided to Try to Outwit Putin

The Ukrainian authorities are in the final stage of negotiations with Russia. For the conclusion of a “peace” agreement, it remains only to agree about the future state system of the former Soviet republic. The president Vladimir Zelensky and the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky raise the stakes too high, trying to get out of the situation without losing face. They plan to abandon the federalisation of Ukraine and introducing special status for Donbass into the country’s Constitution.

This was stated on the air of the Internet channel “Forpost” by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev. According to the parliamentarian, this doesn’t suit Russia, since it gives the Ukrainian authorities the chance to at any time cancel the special status of Donbass and to carry out cleansing in the region.

“Negotiations with Zelensky are at their final stage. It is about the nuances. Kolomoisky raised the stakes, he and Zelensky want everything to look as if Zelensky’s team didn’t ‘cave in’ in any way in front of Russia.

‘We (by ‘we’ I mean Ukraine) just don’t carry out federalisation on the whole territory, but decentralisation. We conferred special powers to Donbass, Lvov, every region. Therefore Zelensky didn’t concede to Putin in anything’ …

Russia insists on changes to the Constitution. Why – so that the law regulates decentralisation – but Zelensky has so many votes in parliament that he can adopt laws and repeal laws six times a day.

It’s like ‘the law was repealed – the border is in the hands of Ukraine, they sent the army, and that’s it’.

Amendments to the Constitution will last two sessions. It’s not just that Zelensky has 300 votes, but it is just impossible to vote in five minutes. If they begin to vote and the question of changing the Constitution and cancelling the special status is brought up, Donbass has time. After all, the militia and the tanks are still there, they are just now called militia tanks. The weapons remained – light and heavy, it is always possible to take the border under control and to restore the status quo,” said Tsarev.

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