Oleg Tsarev: Zelensky Can Order The Arrest of Radicals, Neo-Nazis At Any Time, But He Chooses Not To

Under the control of Avakov and Kolomoisky are a number of media outlets, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and about 50 Rada deputies, and behind them is a serious financial resource. Let us also not forget that Avakov has a very serious power bloc, Oleg Tsarev reminds, commenting to the “ukraina.ru” website about the possible resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Oleg, in Kiev they say that the clouds over the head of Avakov are thickening – he can be fired. Is this true?

“The issue of Avakov cannot be considered separately from the question of Kolomoisky. So to answer your question, you have to answer the question what is going on with Kolomoisky now.

If you remember, Kolomoisky had a conflict with members of the team of Trump’s lawyer, Giuliani. The scandal was public – with appeals to the court, with threats, with trials. In an interview with Radio Svoboda’s ‘Schemes’ program, Kolomoisky named two Americans, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who ‘collect money from people’, hiding behind connections with US President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The oligarch also made threats against them, to which Rudy Giuliani demanded the Ukrainian authorities to react.

The Main Investigative Department of the National Police initiated proceedings due to death threats issued to the two US citizens, i.e., Part 1 of Article 129 of the Criminal Code.

After that, Kolomoisky had one more conflict — with Soros‘ team. A conflict arose also with Poroshenko. It was connected with privatisation of Privatbank and a number of other issues. It was a systemic conflict.

Pinchuk is a partner of Soros. Poroshenko is also Soros’ partner, because their interests coincide. Akhmetov, through Poroshenko, is also in contact with Soros. Many people thus buried Igor Kolomoisky because he is in conflict not only with the majority of Ukrainian oligarchs, but also with the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in the United States.

If the trial against Kolomoisky in Delaware ends with him being recognised as the head of the Ukrainian mafia, then he will be put on the international wanted list. Lawsuits were initiated against him in the US, Cyprus, Israel, and Great Britain, where his assets were arrested.

Kolomoisky has a bad reputation in the American media, where he is being accused of laundering billions of dollars. This was money from Ukraine and the United States.

Generally, all of this led to the fact that everyone started to bury Kolomoisky.

The former subordinates of Kolomoysky, such as Filatov and Korban, went so far as to publicly speak out against Kolomoisky, jumping under the roof of Poroshenko and Soros, resorting to personal insults, and calling their former boss a ‘bearded grandmother’.

The former people’s deputy and journalist Igor Mosiychuk reported that the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov met the staff of the FBI in the US. According to the media, one of the main subjects of the meeting was the criminal prosecution and possible extradition of Igor Kolomoisky. ‘Our sources report that the FBI prepared all necessary documents, and these days the possibility of handing over Igor Kolomoisky to the US for criminal prosecution is being discussed’.

According to my information, the meeting was not in the US, but in London, the issue of Kolomoisky was not the main one at the meeting with the American intelligence agencies, general interaction was discussed, but this, in fact, does not change anything. The clouds are indeed thickening above Kolomoisky.

But it turned out that he is able to perform miracles of resourcefulness. As we see, today Kolomoisky finances a campaign in Ukraine against Biden, being on Giuliani’s side. According to my information, the Biden-Poroshenko tape that was released by Derkach were obtained with the help of Kolomoisky.

By the way, Kolomoisky finances a number of deputies who act from a pro-Russia position. Once again, Kolomoisky demonstrates that he takes the side that is profitable for him in the moment. He hopes now that Trump will win and that his merits for this will not be forgotten. And then it will be possible to win back the situation in the US and Ukraine.”

Now let’s come back to Avakov.

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“Arsen Avakov is in Kolomoisky’s team, and the fact that now Vakarchuk‘s faction collects votes for Avakov’s resignation is a continuation of the fight that Soros conducts against the Kolomoisky-Avakov group. And, as we know, Soros and his team are widely represented in the Ukrainian govertment and in the deputy corps.

They also control a number of media outlets located both outside and inside Ukraine. We must understand that Rinat Akhmetov is also in this group.

Kolomoisky and Avakov have a difficult situation now, but it can not be called hopeless.

At the same time, Avakov takes a more flexible position than Kolomoisky, and tries to build up a relationship both with Soros and Kolomoisky. He has a less hard line. He hasn’t burned all his bridges yet. In this situation, I would not say that Avakov will definitely be removed.

Under the control of Avakov and Kolomoisky are a number of media outlets, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and about 50 Rada deputies, and behind them is a serious financial resource. Let’s also not forget that Avakov has a very serious power bloc. He constantly supports radicals and makes sure that they constantly appear in the media, so that they constantly have influence.

It is also necessary to understand Zelensky’s sensitivity to the demands of radicals. He does not want to enter into a conflict with them. He is ready to follow their lead. And we’ve repeatedly seen this. This factor, this lever in Avakov’s hands has a great influence.”

But after all, the SBU is under the control of Zelensky.

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“As far as I know, the SBU has now prepared a package of criminal cases through which it is possible to apprehend a number of radicals who serve Biletsky, controlled by Avakov. They have a lot of reasons to detain them. They are waiting for a signal from the President’s Office. If it arrives, the radicals known around the country will be arrested in one day. But whether or not such an order will be given, whether or not Zelensky will want to opt for a conflict, time will tell. So far, we see that he takes a conformist position, avoiding conflicts. His main task is to serve until the end of his term.”

Aleksandr Chalenko

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