Oleg Tsarev: Zelensky Doesn’t Need Tymoshenko as Prime Minister

The candidate for the Ukrainian presidency Yuliya Tymoshenko accused the current president Poroshenko of falsifying the election. But at the same time, she refused to appeal against the results of the vote in court. The politician Oleg Tsarev answered why Tymoshenko so easily refused to fight in this election.

“After collecting all protocols with wet stamps, Tymoshenko’s team compared the data that was shown by the Central Election Commission, and all the numbers matched up. It is clear that there is no outlook for a judicial fight in such situation. Of course, during voting, there were falsifications, but finally everything was taken into account by the commissions, and the observers from Tymoshenko added their signatures to the protocols. This is the first thing. Secondly, there was voter bribery, but now it is impossible to in any way prove it. Despite the fact that this is a subject for the initiation of legal proceedings and a further trial in criminal proceedings, it will not affect the results of the election in any way.

According to our estimates, Poroshenko, using his administrative resources, voter bribery, and falsification, gave himself an extra 3.5%-6%. It is obvious that in such a case Tymoshenko should be in second place, but she won’t be able to do anything any more about this.

Tymoshenko had everything ready in order to organise a new ‘Maidan’. Lists for regions were already made, buses for the delivery of people to Kiev were found, but at the last minute she cancelled everything. Perhaps because the maintenance of a ‘Maidan’ is a quite expensive affair, and also maybe because the West can react to such a development of events very harshly.

She wouldn’t be able to carry out a coup under such circumstances, and a slowly smouldering ‘protest’ using the money of Tymoshenko would work rather for Zelensky than for her personally.

I know for sure that for Zelensky it is now unprofitable to reach an agreement with Tymoshenko or with someone else. He is an obvious winner, that’s why it simply doesn’t make sense to undertake additional obligations. For example, Zelensky does not need Tymoshenko as Prime Minister, because in this case for him there is a danger of being left as a nominal president without power. Only because Tymoshenko is a more experienced politician.

Poroshenko also didn’t have reasons to reach an agreement with Tymoshenko, because he was sure that he would be able to progress to the second round. Of course, they could’ve tried to together pull votes away from Zelensky, but they could’ve discussed these issues prior to the election. But this obviously did not happen – Poroshenko did not agree to it. All that remains now for Tymoshenko is to carefully prepare for parliamentary elections”.

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