Oliver Stone: The Western Media Refuses to Write the Truth About Russia and Putin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The American film director Oliver Stone in an interview to the French Le Figaro publication shared the details of his communication with Vladimir Putin. According to him, the Russian President has nothing in common with the image of him painted in the American media. Stone speaks about America even more sharply than the Russian President, notes Le Figaro.

The author of the four-part movie interview with Vladimir Putin and books based on it, the famous American Director Oliver Stone described in an interview to the French Le Figaro publication his impressions from communicating with the Russian President. According to him, Putin, who the western media got used to presenting as “the worst of tsars”, has nothing in common with this image. “In front of me was a person similar to a European technocrat”, admitted Stone. The cinematographer especially highlighted the patient politeness with which Putin answered the questions during a 50-hour interview. “There were moments when he was probably boiling inside, it is obvious. But he never showed it,” admits Stone.

The Director lashed out at the American media, which today, in his opinion, carries out functions of “the press service of the American government” and simply refuses to truthfully and respectfully highlight everything that is connected to Putin, “one of the most influential heads of State in the world … whose only fault is that he showed a reserved reaction and some resistance towards the idea of a new world order under the US’ edict”.

“I didn’t read any article about Russia in these newspapers that reflected at least a small bit the reality that I saw with own eyes and studied,” stated Stone.

According to the Director, in his interview he gave to the Russian President the chance to present his own vision of the facts that influenced the development of Russian-American relations since the 1990’s — a vision that the western media ignores.

“Those who will read my book will find out that Mr Putin untiringly promotes respect for international law as the only tool capable of guaranteeing the stability of world order and to preserve world peace. He constantly speaks about it, and nevertheless, he is invariably presented as a villain,” noted Stone.

The well-known film Director speaks about his Motherland, the US, even sharper than Vladimir Putin, notes the publication. Stone rigidly criticised the US’ decision to impose economic sanctions on Russia after the beginning of military operations in the east of Ukraine. “The purpose of these sanctions and this conflict kindled by the US is to divide Europe, to weaken its commercial ties with Russia, and to keep it in the NATO camp,” assures the cinematographer.

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The cold war was, believes the Director, invented by American propaganda in order to terrorise its own population and to justify building the military-industrial complex, which today bears a threat to the whole world. “At the moment we are capable of destroying all of mankind with big ease,” considers Stone.

According to Stone, not only the US’ military power bears a threat, but also the fact that its intelligence agencies today are given unprecedented power.

“If Snowden’s case indeed proved something, then it is that the US has ears everywhere, which survey political debates and try to control elections. Statements about Russian interference makes me laughter,” admits the cinematographer. The advertising campaigns financed by American billionaires have an incommensurably greater influence on the electoral landscape, said Stone.

According to him, it’s not Russia, but the US that is guilty of undermining American democracy, with its electoral system based on the votes of electors instead of a national vote.

As Le Figaro notes, in the presidential elections that took place in the US in 2016 Oliver Stone refused to support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. “I would never begin to support Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State with heavy baggage of unleashed wars. It seems that the mistakes made in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan didn’t teach her anything,” said the well-known film director to Le Figaro.

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