On the Year of the Anniversary of a Jewish Massacre, a Jewish Organisation Sponsored a Contest Named After a UPA Member

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Jewish organisation “Shiurei Torah Lubavitch” became the patron of the Competition of experts on the Ukrainian language named after Petro Yatsyk.

In particular, the head of the representation of “Shiurei Torah Lubavitch” in Austria Diana Kolomoitseva handed out awards to five winners of the competition on the stage of the Kiev Franco theater.

“Addressing representatives of Kiev and Ukrainian intellectuals, figures of the Ukrainian national revival, deputies of different levels, and teachers and participants of the competition, Diana Kolomoitseva drew parallels in history between the fates of two people – Ukrainian and Jewish, who throughout centuries-old history suffered from oppression and persecution by other people, which was expressed in various forms, starting with bans on language, traditions, creed, and up to physical extermination,” reports the website of the Jewish community.

At the same time it isn’t specified whether it meant the physical extermination of Jews by Ukrainian nationalists in Babi Yar or that the Jewish organisation’s support for the competition is simply dated this year for the official celebration of the 250th anniversary of Koliivshchina (the first and most bloody Jewish pogroms in Ukraine, 1767).

Judging by the fact that the competition bears the name of the former member of UPA, the Canadian businessman Yatsyk, it is possible that the participation of “Shiurei Torah Lubavitch” in the glorification of his name is a tribute to the founding fathers of UPA. In particular, to Yaroslav Stetsko, who proclaimed: “Moscow and kikeness are the biggest enemies of Ukraine … That’s why I stand for the destruction of kikes and the expediency of transferring to Ukraine the German methods of ex-termination of kikeness (excluding assimilation, etc.)”.

This document was published by the well-known researcher of the acts of the “heroes” of Ukraine Miroslava Berdnik. As the history of UPA shows, the doctrine written in it was successfully used by members of UPA up to 1945.

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“However, not only the sad past unites our two people,” stressed Diana Kolomoitseva, “in the present we fight shoulder to shoulder for a peaceful and happy future”.

Judging by the loud applause of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis who gathered for the award ceremony, this meant fighting against the modern “aggressor” [Russia – ed] who at the time saved Jews from both Koliivshchina and from Hitler-OUN’s genocide.

The well-known fighter against Russian-speaking people Larisa Nitsoy wrote about Kolomoitseva on Facebook: “Yesterday I became acquainted with an incredible girl … She spoke on a stage before a huge gathering and said: ‘Our people are similar. We were herded and pursued, we were tormented with the Holodomor and the Holocaust. We both revive our language’. This girl is a Jew … I thank you, Diana. You returned to me that ideal image of Jews that I dreamed about still in my childhood. You returned to me the hope that not all Jews in Ukraine hate the Ukrainian language, our culture, and not all of them are dragging us back to the ‘Russian world'”.

Nitsoy (right) and Kolomoitseva (left)

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