On Ukrainian TV a State Official Called to Teach the Inhabitants of Odessa How to Use Weapons Against the Russian “Threat”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



It is necessary to be involved in training the youth in tactical medicine and weapon handling, especially in the Odessa region, because nearby there is Transnistria, and “Russian saboteurs” are quite often caught in this region.

This was stated in the studio of “Channel 7” by the member of UNSO Mikhail Lyakhovich, the head of the department of national-patriotic education of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“In the Odessa region there are 17 border areas – this number is the highest across all of Ukraine. If it is an outpost country, and the country aggressor has the opportunity to attack us from both the territory of the unrecognised Transnistria and from the Black Sea, then kids and the entire population should be given some basic knowledge on how to handle explosive objects and on providing first aid.

Unfortunately, Odessa has suffered very much from Russian terrorist attacks, that’s why all of society demands this knowledge. When we teach tactical medicine, we won’t be able to virtually show the existence of any weapons that can pose threat. Obviously, we will need to show that here is the safety lock, and here it is possible to aim at some person, and here it isn’t… I.e., such things have to be in harmony with the problems that follow. I am not a supporter of herding everyone into pioneers, and so on,” he said.

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