On Ukrainian TV the Grandmother of a Girl Murdered in Donbass Blamed the UAF for Her Death

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Users of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet in large numbers accused the Ukrainian channel “1+1” of producing propaganda. This concerns a program in which the grandmother of the girl – Darina Kazimyrova – who was killed by UAF shelling said that it is Ukrainian troops who are guilty of the death of her granddaughter.

On May 28th the Television News Service (TSN) (a project of the “1+1” channel) showed a program about a recently deceased 15-year-old girl from Dzerzhinsk (after “decommunisation” – Toretsk, a settlement controlled by Kiev, near Gorlovka).

In the beginning the correspondent of the TV channel repeated the statement of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine that the girl died allegedly as a result of shelling from the side of the DPR, and after this has gave the floor to the grandmother of the deceased. The woman said that the shelling was carried out by Ukrainian troops.

“They opened fire — and three seconds it exploded. What distance can it be? It is ours [UAF – ed] who shelled,” she said.

According to her, shells constantly fly over their street. While she spoke, the sound of nearby outboard cannon fire were heard. “Now it will start to fly over us here,” said the woman.

The fact that this part of the interview with the woman made it on the air of TV channel caused an impassioned reaction among so-called “patriots” of Ukraine.

One of such “patriots”, Kipiani, stated that he “would cut it from the air without hesitation”.

“I watched the TSN program about the killed girl from Toretsk. Her grandmother doesn’t doubt that it is the … Armed Forces of Ukraine that shelled. I worked for more than three years as the editor of TSN. And if yesterday I had to prepare this material for the air, then I would’ve cut without hesitating this moronic vatnik statement that it is ‘ours’ who shelled from the words of this grandmother.

It is not censorship, but hygiene and an element of national security. It is impossible to put such utter nonsense on the air – watched by millions of people – regardless who says it,” he said.

In turn another journalist from “Radio Svoboda” Rykovtseva supported his statement.

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“I absolutely agree. At first the correspondent firmly says that it is the Russian side from the territory of the mine in Gorlovka that shelled. Then she drums that ‘at the same time the child’s family accuses the Ukrainian side of all troubles’ and gives the floor to this woman, who (by the way, her monologue is edited, but nevertheless it is sounded clearly) she indeed says that it is ‘ours’. Why does she say it like that?! If you put it in on air, then at least comment on it! But they stupidly showed this monologue, and the correspondent again ends it with the declaration that it is a ‘terrorist attack committed by pro-Russian militants’. Shocking. This is a good gift for Russian propaganda,” she said.

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