One Child Dead, Two More Wounded After Ukrainian Forces Shelled Gorlovka

NEW – August 18, 2022

As a result of the shelling of the “Stroitel” residential area by the armed formations of Ukraine, a number of social facilities and multi-apartment housing were damaged. Alas, today there are already two dead – a child and a man, and three wounded Gorlovka residents, two of whom are children.

  • 22 Lenin Street (photos No. 1-5);
  • 16 Olenin Street – the glazing of the local outpatient clinic was damaged;
  • 2 Zhukov Street (photo No. 6);
  • Photo No. 7 shows a dead man in the courtyard of a house at 22 Olenin Street.

The children were taken to the hospital. Two of them are in serious condition, our doctors are fighting for their lives now. Unfortunately, a girl died from her injuries. Bright memory to our Angel! There is no forgiveness for the creatures that kill children!

In the photo, the consequences of a direct hit by an enemy shell into the kitchen of one of the apartments of an apartment building at 2 Zhukov Street. As a result of the shelling, the elevator in the house at 22 Olenin Street was damaged.

It later became known about another victim in the “Stroitel” residential area. A man was wounded on 18 Zhukov Street. In the central city district, as a result of shelling by Ukrainian militants, the bakery building on Pervomaiskaya Street was once again damaged. The staff are sheltering themselves.

Ivan Prikhodko (Mayor of Gorlovka)

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