One of the Leaders Of “Right Sector” Called for Violence and Extrajudicial Killings Of “Separatists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The commander of the Ukrainian volunteer corps Right Sector Andrey Stempitsky on Christmas day, along with congratulations, called for “violence and intolerance” towards “pro-Russian bastards”
He wrote this on Facebook.

“The most effective option that I propose is if one gains information about separatists or their structure, or pro-Russian bastards, then there is a need to officially inform the SBU. In the event of their inaction (which is 90% of the time), they [separatists – ed] must be neutralised by unknown Ukrainians. The same thing concerns titushki, drug dealers, rapists, gilded youth – for which there is no countermeasure, and criminals – it is the local units of self-defense that we initiate that should cardinally solve this question after the inaction of the National Police. These freaks are a danger to all of us. If those who are required to deal with them in accordance with the Constitution fail to do so, then it is the citizens of Ukraine who will do it. Yes, I call for violence and intolerance. For the sake of a quiet life for our wives, children, and the future of the nation. Christ is born! P.S. top-brass gentlemen – go to work!” he wrote.


Elena Lukash – former Minister of Justice of Ukraine and well-known Lawyer:

“Public calls for violence and ‘neutralisation’.

No law enforcement body will react to a call to lynch adherents of different faiths and those who hold different views.

On the contrary, today they protect scumbags and straighten out those who are objectionable.

Terrorism as a State policy.

The embassies, grant-eaters, and presstitutes will keep silent.

After all, it is for posts on social networks, journalistic work, criticism, and tearing in half a portrait that people are jailed. Yes?

And calls for violence and extrajudicial punishments are, apparently, lawful.

Ah, this new wonderful world!

These successful reforms: polices; prosecutor’s offices; judicial branch.

How little we knew about democracy and justice earlier.”

Andrey Stempitsky (right) with a Mussolini-loving friend (left)

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