One of the Murderers of Oles Buzina Gives Lectures to Students in the Kiev Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


One of the murderers of the writer Oles Buzina, released by the Ukrainian authorities – the Ukrainian nationalist Denis Polishchuk, gives lectures “about civil society” to students of schools in the Kiev region. He reported about this on his page on “Facebook” with pride.

Here is what he wrote (translation from Ukrainian):

“I gave lectures to students about civil society. This is an extremely useful and useful experience, especially to keep the attention of students. I thank Natali Natali for a progressive approach to juvenile justice”.

Oles Buzina was shot on April 16th, 2015, near the entrance of his own house on Degtyarevskaya Street in Kiev. Immediately after his murder, which stirred up wide circles of not only the Ukrainian, but also the western public, Petro Poroshenko hurried to state that for the Ukrainian authorities it is a point of honor to find the murderers of the famous writer. Two months later, on June 18th, the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov stated that murder had been solved. According to him, the participants of the so-called ATO Denis Polishchuk and Andrey Medvedko were involved in the commission of this crime.

The activists of radical-nationalist groups Medvedko and Polishchuk were arrested, and the investigation claimed that they were the real murderers.

However, before the end of 2015 both of them were released from custody, and then the measures of restraint were seriously softened for them.

On April 3rd, 2016, the measure of restraint of Denis Polishchuk was in general cancelled. The Pechersky district court of the capital rejected the appeal of the prosecutor’s office for his house arrest.

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Soon after this same Pechersky regional court refused to prolong the measure of restraint in the form of personal obligation also for the former punitive battalions “Kiev-2” and “Garpun” Andrey Medvedko.

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