An Open Letter to the Nobel Committee

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Nobel Peace Prize should be the person who deprived Ukrainian Nazis of a nuclear stinger – a true Communist Leonid Kravchuk

Thanks to Kravchuk, nuclear weapons didn’t arrive in the hands of “authentic Europeans”…

To the Norwegian Nobel Committee,

High members of the Nobel Committee of Peace!

I consider it necessary to propose a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is the best possible person to receive this award. It’s even possible to say this person is much more worthy than many of those who already received this prize (especially recently).

The name of this highly worthy person is Leonid Makarovch Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine.


Possessing the talent of foresight, understanding that “independent” Ukraine can develop only as “anti-russian” and rightly fearing that the rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators from the OUN-UPA may not lead to anything good, already in 1994 he did everything possible to avoid in the future nuclear weapons falling into the hands of neo-Nazis.

Thanks to his remarkable analytical and I’m not afraid of this word, prophetic abilities, Leonid Kravchuk already at this time foresaw that in the future the remnants of Nazis could come to power in Ukraine.

As a real Communist he could not allow such madness to be possible. That’s why, in 1994, he did everything possible to prevent such a scenario. As a result, Ukraine was deprived of the status of nuclear powers, and nuclear weapons were evacuated from the zone of accessability for wild “Vuyky”  [pejorative name for residents of Western Ukraine – ed].

A little bit later, following the initiative of the same Leonid Kravchuk, already the next President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma also denied future neo-Nazis access to strategic aviation, partly sold, and partly dismantled (with American money), strategic bombers Tu-160 “White Swan”, which was at that time on the territory of Ukraine.

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You can imagine what would happen if nuclear weapons fell into the hands of a crazy neo-Nazis, thirsting for revenge for their defeat in the Second World War? Moreover, not just Nazis, but some of the most brutal, bloody, and insane, on account of which are such crimes against humanity as the massacre of Lvov, Volyn massacre, Babi Yar, and many others.

Even Nazis of the Third Reich were horrified by the limitless cruelty of the Ukrainian nationalists, who spared neither old men, nor women, nor children. Mass murder, torturing newborn babies, cannibalism – for the “fighters of UPA” there was not any moral or humanitarian limits. They were even ready to exterminate 90% of their own people (as is evidenced by the statements of one of their leaders, Roman Shukhevych).

And now imagine that nuclear weapons would fall into the hands of such Nazi non humans. They even without nuclear weapons staged a mass burning of people (Odessa on 2nd May 2014) and regular and indiscriminate shelling of residential quarters of Donbass from heavy artillery.

If really nuclear weapons got in their hands, they would be ready, without thinking (because there is nothing to think with), to plunge the entire world into the abyss of nuclear war. Mankind would find itself on the brink of  total destruction, with millions of victims and radioactive contamination of a considerable part of the world.

And it is the heroic Soviet Communist Leonid Kravchuk that saved the planet from such  above-limits horror. I don’t know of another person who would be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize more than he.

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