Operation of Donetsk Water Plant Stopped Due to Ukraine’s Relentless Shelling

Translated by Nikita Che



The Donetsk water treatment plant (DFS) came under heavy fire [by the Kiev army – ed] for two days. During this time, its building and other assets sustained damage, according to the press service of Voda Donbassa state-run water supply company on February 24th. Shells hit the 1st water reservoir, as well as a chlorine storage where the chlorine pipe line and the roof were damaged. Two direct hits in clear water reservoirs were recorded, shells dropped near the administrative building and the filter building. The latter also was punctured through by shrapnel, its windows and roof suffered. Under such circumstances, there is no way for the plant to operate. Its workers have been in shelters almost all the time. So the company board has decided to evacuate the staff and to stop the plant’s operation.

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