“Opposition” Fighters Shell Residential Areas of Aleppo, West Blames Assad

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The terrorist group “Ahrar al-Sham”, blocked in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, shelled the districts of al-Sulaymaniyeh and al-Jamilia. During the horrific attack children were killed.

The attack resembled a kind of “retributive” action. The terrorists deliberately attacked the quarter near the Al-Ta’ai school. Armenians and Alawites traditionally live in the neighboring streets.

At 8.00 the first shell of 60 mm caliber punched the edge of the pavement on the street on which the children rush to school. 4 children were instantly killed — girls aged 10-11 years. At least four children and two adults were injured. Yesterday militants on social networks distributed an official statement about the planned shelling of urban neighborhoods from guns and mortars.


From the point of view of the terrorists, this attack should convince government forces and civilians that the fact the militants were surrounded a few months ago has no effect on their fighting spirit and combat capability. Four children, after receiving multiple shrapnel wounds, died instantly. One girl and a boy 12 years old received severe injuries. They were immediately taken to the city hospital, and their life at the moment is not under threat. The correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) witnessed the results of the shelling and saw with his own eyes the bodies of children who died as a result of this barbaric act.


It is worth noting that attention was given to this devastating event only by the Syrian and Russian media. No employees of Western newspapers and television channels working in Aleppo were observed at the scene in the hospital. Realizing the undeniable deterioration of their position, the terrorists are controlling most of the Eastern areas of the city in order to actively demonstrate a willingness to further resist. Currently active hostilities gave way to positional battles and regular attacks on the positions of the Syrian Army and Republican Guard.

Events show an impending attack of the combined forces of the Islamists is being planned, likely to strike from two directions to break through the encirclement in the North-Western sector of the front. In operation, according to military sources, it will involve at least 3,000 fighters. There are at least 20 armored pickup trucks loaded with explosives, about 15 armored vehicles, mortars and improvised launchers at the disposal of terrorists.


It should be noted that the West not only ignores this kind of attack, but is trying to pin responsibility for the raids and shelling in the East of Aleppo on Russia and the Syrian government. The UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura said earlier that if the attacks continue, Aleppo will be completely destroyed by Christmas. However, the war in Syria has been ongoing for more than five years, and Aleppo, like most of the towns and provinces of the country torn apart by war, remains in ruins for many years.


Russia’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin commented on the words of de Mistura about the relatively destroyed Aleppo. “Watching the television footage, it is believed that Aleppo and Eastern Aleppo have been destroyed. I see television footage where there are no intact buildings. And this all happened before Russian participation,” said the representative of the Russian Federation.

While all the blame for the attacks of Eastern areas of Aleppo is hung on Russian on Eastern districts of Aleppo rest on the shoulders of the Russian airforce and the Syrian Army and air force, the Western neighborhoods – with a relatively quietly living civilians – has been subject to the monstrous attacks of militants of the so-called “moderate opposition”.

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