OSCE Confirms Their Vehicles Are Being Mimicked by the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson



As is said in the report of the OSCE SMM, on cars with people in a uniform of military type sitting inside it was possible to notice stickers imitating the colors and design of the logo of the organization.

Ukrainian security officials use the symbols of the OSCE, it is said in the daily report of the special monitoring mission of the organization for March 31st, 2017.

As is reported in the document, in Avdeevka OSCE observers saw a car on the exterior of which were pasted images imitating the colors and logo design of the organization.

“In Avdeevka the SMM observed a white-coloured, four-door civilian sport utility vehicle driven by men in military-type uniforms, with decals on the front doors mimicking the colours and design of the OSCE SMM logo,” it is said in the report.

Also, it was reported that this SUV moved to the east on Vorobiova Street in front of the building where the SMM camera is placed. The SMM saw a similar vehicle on March 4th in the same area.

On February 4th, 2017, the Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic reported that it told the head of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine Alexander Hug that the SBU were using replica uniforms and vehicles of the OSCE and emergency services. Hug in turn said that he would look into the issue. It seems that the OSCE now has firsthand visual confirmation of what was reported to them over a month ago. Next they will confirm that it is the Ukrainian Army that continuously violates the Minsk Agreements?

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