OSCE in Donbass: When an American Dies at the Right Time

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The vehicle of the OSCE in Donbass exploded somehow completely at the right time and with completely the correct formulation of victims for this event to be considered as mere chance. Especially because since the downing of the Malaysian “Boeing” such “accidents” occur at the most necessary moment for the Kiev regime, as if by request.

The United States has endangered its citizens for the sake of achieving foreign policy aims more than once. The Civil war in the US, which claimed more lives of Americans and caused more destruction than any external war in the history of America, began with a provocative attack on Fort “Sumter“. The Spanish-American war of 1898 began with a very timely, though very mysterious explosion of the armored cruiser “Maine” in Havana Harbour, in which the most part of the crew along with the boat was lost. The bombing of Northern Vietnamese military facilities, and then the ten-year bloody overland operation of the US Army in Vietnam began with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the US’ inadequate reaction to which also forces one to suspect a provocation.

And also in our time, ordinary Americans in their hundreds are perishing in Iraq (because of fake test tubes with a bacteriological weapon) and are perishing in Syria, because of the equally as fake accusations against Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons. Even the ambassador of the US in Libya was even killed, and only because of this could Islamists establish a terrorist regime in the country and force tens of thousands of Libyans to flee to Europe. And this is despite the fact that Muammar Gaddafi so regularly and with guarantee delivered oil and gas to the EU.

It isn’t excluded that, looking at such a “caring” attitude of the US towards its citizens, in Kiev it was decided: at least one American can bring benefits to Ukraine. After all, Washington repeatedly promised to the Ukrainian authorities its fully-fledged support – and fully-fledged has no limits.

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And here it is, like an egg on Easter day, a vehicle of the OSCE is blown up in the LPR. And the collection of victims is quite something. A US citizen died, and incidentally the citizens of Germany and the Czech Republic incidentally survived. Germany is the political and economic locomotive of the EU, whose role significantly increased after the start of the British and European Union divorce proceedings. The Czech Republic — along with Slovakia and Hungary — are openly sympathetic to Russia, destroying by this the emotive Russophobic unity of East European limitrophe-young European countries. And the Czech Republic is the most economically developed and self-sufficient state, both in the above mentioned three and in all Eastern Europe.

Moreover, the blowing-up of the OSCE vehicle happens also on the eve of the visit to Russia of the EU High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini. It was clear that the head of European diplomacy faces a very tough conversation with Sergey Lavrov, who surely had to take an interest (and, by the way, he did) in how the EU, whose leading members are participants of the Normandy format and also acted as guarantors of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, is going to influence Kiev, which is persistently sabotaging the Minsk process, and recently started the reverse course. Moreover, the European Union, which supported (in the person of the heads of that time) the coup in Ukraine, bears full responsibility for the actions of those whom it brought to power.

And here Mogherini receives such a gift. Now it is possible in response to the concerns of Moscow to voice their own concerns about the problem of the OSCE mission’s security. Coercing the Kiev bandits to peace becomes not so relevant against the background of the death of an American and the wounding (while they also could’ve been killed) of two citizens of the European Union. And the shelling of peaceful cities of Donbass, which should be prevented, but is not by the monitoring mission of the OSCE also passes into the background. Because there, two Europeans were nearly killed.

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But the blowing-up of the vehicle had to play and played not only on the emasculation of sense of Mogerini’s visit. Already the chairman of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine Ertugrul Apakan flies to Donbass. And already there is no doubt that he will also be interested not in the problems of the security of peaceful citizens, but in the question of preserving the lives of OSCE observers. The Ukrainian and Donbass agenda for the OSCE and the EU for the next few weeks fae with explosion.

Moreover, the information and diplomatic picture initially develops not in favor of Donbass. At least because the security of employees of the mission must be guaranteed by the authorities, which really control the territory  (in this case — the heads of DPR/LPR).

And at last, the main thing. Poroshenko already for half a year regularly informs his dear Ukrainians that if not today, then tomorrow he will meet Trump. But the dream still remains a dream, and he’s obliged to determine the “force of a handshake” by phone. And he never knows precisely whether its Trump or some impudent pranker who talks to him.

And here immediately there is an opportunity really, longly, and in detail to speak by phone with the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Tillerson, apparently, didn’t say anything especially pleasant to Poroshenko. And it’s not a coincidence that after this conversation the SBU, sharply excited and with a delay of almost a day, opened a criminal case upon the fact of the blowing-up of the OSCE mission’s vehicle. Probably it was demanded from Poroshenko not empty reasonings, but concrete facts and proof. Nevertheless, Poroshenko once again stated his favourite idea about introducing in Donbass an armed contingent of the UN (which has to disarm power structures of DPR/LPR). And of course, as long as Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council with a veto, this is no more than a dream, but for raising the spirit of Ukrainian “patriots” and a short information campaign – it will suffice.

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Also, as a bonus the US State Department stated that it is concerned by the incident and hopes for a full, transparent, and timely investigation into the incident. Kiev knows just like the rest of the world that if the US insists on a full, transparent, and timely investigation, then it must be objective (after all, the requirement of objectivity is absent).

A consistent version of events and evidence must be presented (information on “Twitter”, “confessions” of anonymous authors, fingerprints of “Russian hackers” on the sites of the Pentagon, a test tube with polonium with which “terrorists” were going to commit a criminal act, following the Russian habit of rinsing their throat so that the smell of vodka doesn’t give them away, and so on), which will satisfy not even American officials, but the undemanding public of a talk-show.

Now the main thing is that the SBU doesn’t overdo it. Because an inconvenient question can arise if they present one and a half thousand “terrorist-separatists”, who have sat in jail for a one – one and a half years, and who admit to preparing a terrorist attack against the OSCE: who set this task for them?

Here is how one dead American can significantly correct for a few weeks the absolutely-decayed Kiev informational picture. And then there is Eurovision for a few weeks. For the current condition of the Kiev power, this means almost forever. They don’t reflect on longer periods of planning. Because after all, they manage to live month to month.

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