OSCE Observers Recorded the Provocation of “Right Sector” in the Zolotoye Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Ukrainian side continues to shell the militia’s positions in order to later blame it, stated the official representative of the Defense Ministry of the LPR Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.

“The most recent such case was on June 23rd near the region of Zolotoye in the zone of responsibility of the 24th UAF brigade. The Kiev Armed Forces purposefully carried out a provocation on the eve of the visit to this area by the deputy head of the OSCE mission Alexander Hug. The provocative shelling on the positions taken by units of the 24th UAF brigade were conducted by nationalists of Right Sector, despite the work of patrols of the OSCE Mission in this area. This shelling was noted in the special report of the observers of OSCE who were at this moment in close proximity,” reported Marochko.

He emphasized that the report clearly indicates the direction of the shelling and the location of positions of the Kiev Armed Forces, between which there was shelling.

“This provocation obviously demonstrates the unwillingness of the Kiev side to observe the so-called ‘grain truce’, which under the agreement of the Tripartite contact group begun from 00:00 on June 24th,” said the Lieutenant -Colonel.

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