OSCE “Violently Attacked by Armed Man” in Yasinovataya – What Their Report Didn’t Say…

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The special service of the Donetsk People’s Republic detained armed people who the day before attacked a patrol of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE in the city of Yasinovataya in the afternoon. This was reported by the operative command of the DPR on June 21st.

“As a result of the taken measures from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of State Security of the DPR, during quick search actions the armed people who attacked the OSCE patrol on June 20th were detained,” stated the Command.

It is known that the incident occurred at about noon near the Yasinovataya railway station. The patrol of the SMM was approached by a civil car with Ukrainian numbers. Two persons in camouflage clothes, balaclavas, and with weapons got out of the car. They threatened the observers, having fired several shots in the air, and then fled the scene.

Now the detainees give evidence. According to preliminary data, “it was a planned provocation for the purpose of discrediting the leaders of the Republic, and also for the intimidation of employees of the OSCE Mission when they are performing functional duties”. It is also established that the detainees aren’t military personnel or employees of law enforcement bodies of the DPR.

“The revealed circumstances of the incident testify to an ordered character of the Ukrainian special service,” consider the Republic’s Command.

Earlier today the OSCE Mission published a report of an incident in Yasinovataya. It is reported that two unknown people threatened with weapons six observers moving in two patrol armored vehicles. During the incident one of attackers fired at the car with a rifle butt, insignificant damage was caused to the car. Employees of the mission weren’t injured and safely returned to the base in the capital of the Republic. At the same time initially on the microblog of the SMM OSCE on Twitter it was groundlessly stated that “a violent attack” on observers was allegedly committed by representatives of the DPR

Some quick observations:

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1. The OSCE, much like the Ukrainian/State Department media, likes to wrap the letters DPR in quote marks, basically implying that the DPR doesn’t exist and is some bandit formation. If they were truly neutral, they wouldn’t replicate the same behavior as the UAF and friends, even though the Donetsk People’s Republic isn’t internationally recognised. Russia has not formally recognised the Donbass Republics, and yet Russian media doesn’t use quote marks in this way, because they understand who is the victim and who is the aggressor here.

2. It should be noted that the DPR already reported that the UAF obtained replica uniforms of the Republic in order to stage provocations. Is it possible that the same thing happened here? Absolutely.

3. What are the chances that such an incident would happen in DPR-controlled territory? The OSCE in the past has reported a few drunken incidents involving the UAF, but it’s usually embedded in a weekly report and treated as a minor incident, and never in a devoted reported such as the one concerning the Yasinovataya incident on June 20th, 2017.

4. Various details are seemingly missing from the OSCE report when compared to the DPR report of the same incident. For example, the Ukrainian numberplate, which is very significant. The OSCE didn’t report what the “unknown armed persons” shouted, is it because they were speaking in Ukrainian?

5. Against the background of global processes, and bearing in mind past ones too, who really benefits from attacking the OSCE like this? And who benefits from the language and method of reporting seen in the tweet above? The use of simulacrum in fourth generation warfare relies on the consumer of media already being programmed to think a certain way. Thus, the OSCE are able to say “DPR-controlled Yasinovataya”, instead of “the DPR did it”, and achieve the same result. Pseudo-neutrality.

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6. The truth about what happened will likely never be formally established, much like MH-17. There is no neutral body that aims to draw a red line between fact and fiction. That is supposed to be the UN’s role, but alas this isn’t the reality. Much like the incident where the OSCE vehicle was blown up whilst travelling down a rural lane, it costs much more to lie than to tell the truth, and that’s why the US spends much more on media than Russia does – for example, the US’ Broadcasting Board of Governors requested $751.5 million for 2016, and Russia Today – $300 million.

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