OUN Battalion’s Attempt to Frame the DPR Backfires

Translated by Ollie Richardson




The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists battalion tried to stage a raid under the guise of Novorossiya militiamen, but spectacularly failed the mission.

The Ukrainian nationalists received a mission to create the illusion of activity of a “Novorossiyan sabotage group” in the so-called “anti-terrorist operation zone”.  An agricultural enterprise in the village of Evgenovka was selected as the target. The fake saboteurs took weapons, cars, and the main proof – a flag of the Russian Federation and St.George’s Ribbons, as a flag of the DPR couldn’t be found. During the raid, the nationalists laid the security guards on the ground, opened the safe with money and service records, unraveled the Russian flag, scattered St.George’s Ribbons, then called the police.

However, instead of the police the staff of the SBU quickly arrived, who detained the “saboteurs”, having found on them weapons, service records, and money. In court it turned out that all nine nationalists had faultless records and are patriots of the country. The defendants were released from the courtroom.

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