OUN & UPA Fighters Call For Poroshenko’s Removal in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Some hundreds of people picketed Petro Poroshenko’s administration in the center of Kiev, demanding to enter into force an official blockade of Donbass, and accusing the head of state and close oligarchs of “trading on blood”.

Protesters arrived at the presidential office from Maidan where the “veche” took place, arranged by battalions of OUN. The central slogan of protestors was a placard with “Poroshenko and his gang for resignation. Fed up.”

The crowd of protesters wasn’t allowed to go to the Presidential Administration building by the National Guard, which was in full equipment, filed in rank.

The Deputy Semen Semenchenko stated that near the building of Presidential Administration building a “redoubt” will be built. “Here is the main dispatching office of trade on blood. It is necessary to demand that it is stopped,” he declared.

“The President Poroshenko, obviously, doesn’t understand it. We should help him to understand. We have old Maidan’s offer – tea, firewood, tents – and right here we arrange a camp. Maidan protesters, inhabitants of Kiev, we need people, we need tents, we need food, and for the night we need firewood,” said the deputy Yegor Sobolev.

According to Semenchenko, who was present at the Presidential Administration, nationalists blocked all entrances to airports so that officials are unable to flee Kiev. Radicals intend to hold politicians to account. At the building of Presidential Administration and in the area of the airports more than 10,000 people gathered. Petards and stones were thrown at the building of the Presidential Administration, the crowd demanded “revolution” and “death to enemies”. Most of the gathered audience were fighters of OUN and followers of UPA.

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