Here Are the Outer Limits of the American Reich

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The American military “simply accidentally” photographed themselves in front of the Russian Ivangorod.

In the quite truthful German movie “Bunker” (2004) about the last days of the Third Reich, there is one seemingly ordinary, but in reality very eloquent and protreptic scene. In the center of Berlin a German tankman speaks to the colonel-medic, who intends to breach the hospital, which is situated directly on the frontline:

Just be more careful there. It is full of Russians. Here are the outer limits of the Reich. Further is the land of Ivans [Russians – ed]!

The significance of this phrase is unlikely to be cogitable especially by civil people, as it is difficult for them to imagine that the seemingly temporary frontline has the ability to turn into a firm line of state border, or even a border between civilizations. And to remain like that for many years and decades. It is precisely for this reason that the measure of responsibility of the military for the destiny of their country is so high – you give the territory to the enemy, seemingly, for a while, and it can arrive that it is forever. And in this sense the German tankman was absolutely right – he had no basis to consider the lost land as German, even in the center of the German capital.

And this episode entered my mind in connection with the joint hike of the American and Estonian military personnel along the eastern Estonia-Russia border, which ended with taking a memorable photo of American paratroopers with an unravelled Star-Spangled Banner in front of the fortress of the Russian Ivangorod.

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Notice that even not in front of the currently-Estonian Narva, but precisely the Russian border city!

Of course, it is possible to think of this as insignificant. In day-to-day life it is menial. In general, people take photographs everywhere. But we know what role such symbolism plays in the western mentality, this photo-message is read more than distinctly. Especially as in the photo it’s not just freely-walking tourists that are depicted, but American soldiers – who without an order from their commanders will not allow themselves to make any political accents.

I know this myself – they are strict with these kind of things. Once, during a visit to the US military base “Bondsteel” in Kosovo, I tried to begin talking to one of the American soldiers. And I asked him a very simple question – what is he doing in the Balkans? So – before he opened his mouth, the whole crowd of local PR-officers ran towards us, and began, nearly by force, to drag this soldier away from me.

Explaining that here it is impossible to start to talk to American soldiers just like that. For this purpose there are especially appointed “speakers”. It is such rules that they have. That’s why I don’t believe in the accident of such landscapes with the American flag in front of the Russian city.

And this photo-message approximately reads like this: “Here today are the outer limits of the American Reich. Further is the land of Ivans“. And judging by the fact that it was Russian land, and not NATO’s Estonia one that appeared in the focus of the American camera, those who made this eloquent photo for memory have their aim at Russia.

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The West during all its history proved its full inability to learn. Even the end of the Third Reich in the center of Berlin taught them nothing. And here is again today “Drang nach Osten!” already in full steam. It is just left to hope that it is the end of old American geopolitical history, and not the beginning of a new one.

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