Outside the Law: “Azov” Organized the Overt Robbery of a Supermarket in Cherkassy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On December 1st, 2016, after the “march of dignity” that took place in Cherkassy, activists of the group “Azov” civil corps  committed a robbery at the local “Grand” supermarket in the “Mytnytsya” residential area. After committing the robbery of vodka, cognac, and “Kinder-surprise”, the Azov members assaulted two security guards that were pursuing them, hopped onto flagged down buses and slowly left.

During the robbery the activists were not embarrassed by the fact that they were in jackets with the inscription “Azov Civil Corps”, which half-Fuhrer Biletsky generously hands out to his congregation, while they were being video recorded in the supermarket. The new police of Avakov, accordingly, were not in a hurry to the call and didn’t take any measures after. It is clear that it is a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. It is necessary to understand that the “Azov Civil Corps” have special “dignity”, which allows them to rob impudently. Another juicy detail – Biletsky likes to talk about the “honor and dignity” of Azov members, and that “Azov” cultivates sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Events in Cherkassy showed best of all the value of his words. In principle, the situation could be corrected if the in-hot-pursuit-Gauleiter of Azov Civil Corps for Cherkasy Dmitry Kukharchuk found the culprits and publicly dismissed them from the corps. However, the borderline degenerate Kukharchuk preferred to “act the fool” and pretend that nothing happened. There is no doubt that we will hear more than once about the exploits of the “dignified” knights of the light of the Nazi Azov Biletsky.

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