Packs of Biletsky’s Jackals…

Yesterday, the Ukrainian “patriots” of Biletsky shot at a bus with people inside. They beat them up in the middle of the street. And it doesn’t even matter what opinion those people who were traveling on the bus have, it doesn’t matter their political commitment, it’s important that in the middle of the day, a pack of Biletsky’s jackals allowed themselves to shoot at and beat up unarmed people with a whole gang.

Another episode of the cold civil war in Ukraine.

Some “patriots” kill other “patriots”. But both consider Russia the aggressor.

This is all you need to know about Biletsky and his jackals. They can only do all of this in a mob. Cowardly, disgusting creatures…When these schmucks find themselves one-on-one with the enemy, all their arrogance turns out to be in a completely different place. Worthy heirs of the SS police! Bastards…

Banderist degenerates were carrion during the Great Patriotic War, and they have remained like this…

Realising that he would have to answer and after all, the name of Biletsky would certainly emerge, this ghoul decided to release a video, saying that these bloodsuckers need to be rewarded and everyone who has a different opinion from Biletsky’s pack should be killed and beaten.

Ah what country, such are its leaders…

What did Zelensky say? No need to go back to the 90s? So your country has long since slipped into the 90s. Every day you have shootings and grenade explosions all over Ukraine, you, the creature, the ghouls of Biletsky, go down the streets, beating people up with impunity, torturing people, raping people. Should I tell you, you scum, how they pillage Donbass? How they turned Mariupol into their fiefdom with impunity and milk it? You didn’t know that? Your “tender” ears don’t want to know what’s going on in your own country?

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Kiva, who just recently was a sidekick for Biletsky, today changed his shoes in a hop and suddenly became on the other side, probably feels that the end is near. So, this Kiva turned to Zelensky:

“Just outside Kharkov on the Kiev-Kharkov highway, a bus carrying people from the organisation ‘Patriots For Life!’ was blocked. Blocked by people belonging to the ‘Azov‘ and ‘National Corpus‘ groups. These gangs stopped people and shot at the bus with automatic weapons, causing severe bullet wounds to civilians. They also used traumatic weapons, which caused severe injuries.

Also, the residents of ‘Azov’ and ‘National Corpus’ kidnapped two people and took them to an unknown destination.

I accuse the authorities and demand the President’s immediate response to the existing violations. Vladimir Aleksandrovich, have you lost your mind? Today you have people being shot on state highways like a safari! Do you want to plunge the country into chaos? You will have the life of any murdered person on you!

Two days ago, an armed attack was committed against a member of ‘Patriots For Life!’ in central Kiev. And there was no reaction from the President or the law enforcement system. A grenade was thrown in the office of the ‘Opposition Platform’ and I also did not hear a reaction from the President.”

Well, don’t be nervous, pan Kiva, you created what you get today with your own hands… You so desperately rode on Maidan, and it was you who told us how you would kill us, and today you received a return… and deservedly so…

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When you were told in 2014 – and not only told, but shouted at – what was waiting for you, you waved us away as if we were annoying flies… How did you build “democracy”? It looks more like demoCRAPcy…

And what did Biletsky say to you in his video, have you already heard, pan Kiva? Wait for something even worse… They will beat and kill anyone who does not agree with them…

And all the rest of society has stuck their tongues deeper since the days of Odessa! And they are not tired of living like this! This is the tragedy of Ukraine! And I don’t feel sorry for it anymore!

And brainwashed Ukrainians still wonder why Donbass took up arms?

And why doesn’t the US and the ECHR cry out in horror?!

In the country of victorious fascism, where the heroes of Bandera and other fascist evil spirits, where the Minister of Internal Affairs protects and organises such attacks, there is no future!

Everything has its time…

Elena Subbotina

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