Pagan Idols and Blood Letting: “Azov” Celebrates “The Grand Victory Over the Judaic State”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Radical-nationalists from the “Azov” regiment published a video of the erection of an idol of ancient Russian pagan God Perun.

Earlier, “nahnews” reported that militants from Azov chose as their patron the ancient Russian God, and erected a symbolical monument at the base where they are deployed.

In the video it is possible to see how nationalists sprinkle with their own blood the place where they are going to erected the monument. The murderers of the civilians of Donbass believe that the ancient Russian God will protect them, and will perhaps even make them immortal.

“Grandad Perun, save [us]!” said one of “Azov” members, ritually sprinkling with his own blood the hole for the erection of the idol.

[Note how in the video “Mose” speaks about “the grand victory over the Judaic state”…]

“Perun as the primogenitor, as the real defender of his kin, will also protect our garrison,” said the militant.

“The invincible spirit and the weapon of descendants of Perun destroyed the parasitic system. We can draw many parallels to today’s events. However the most important thing is that we must remember the great victories of our ancestors. It is our duty. After all, in this memory the understanding of how to build the future is safeguarded,” stated the representative of the regiment Mose.

In addition, after the ritual worship the Nazis staged a sports tournament “Strong Nation” devoted to the anniversary of the victory of the Russian prince Svyatoslav over the Khazaria khaganate, who they classify as “Ukrainian”.


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