Palestine Recognises the Right of Crimeans to Self-determination

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Palestinian leaders support Russia concerning the legitimacy of the referendum that took place at the beginning of 2014 on the Crimean peninsula. This was stated to Izvestia by the ambassador of the State of Palestine in Russia Abdel Hafiz Nofal. He emphasized that the right of the people to self-determination is integral for everyone, without exception. In turn, the permanent representative of the Republic of Crimea to the president Georgy Muradov also reported to Izvestia about mutual understanding between Russia and Palestine on the status of the peninsula Izvestia. 

Answering the question of Izvestia concerning the attitude of the Palestinian authorities towards the status of Crimea and the results of the referendum held there, Abdel Hafiz Nofal said that the inhabitants of the peninsula had the full authority to express their will in this way.

“Our position on this topic is quite clear. We understand very well what happened in Crimea, and we confirm our position of support for the actions of Russia on this matter. We support our right to self-determination and we consider that any other people have such a right,” stated the Palestinian ambassador.

The diplomat added that official recognition can follow as a result of discussions about vital issues on a bilateral basis, having noted that the Crimean peninsula was repeatedly visited by Palestinian delegations. And Crimeans and Palestinians have clear intentions to continue these talks, he emphasised.

“During our meetings with him, the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas spoke about Crimea very warmly, they have the full understanding that Crimea is Russian and this wont change,” said Georgy Muradov. “We see them as our partners – friends who relate to our position with understanding. Russia always had a distinct opinion on the Palestinian problem and the question of solving Middle Eastern problems. It completely takes into account the desire of the Palestinian people to regain their statehood and independence.”

At the same time, as the permanent representative noted, the attitude to the Crimean question gradually changes not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe.

“In foreign countries there is the understanding that Crimea was always a part of Russia and that it is a space of vital importance for Russia. It isn’t a coincidence that numerous delegations come here showing a readiness to accept these facts. But there is a political establishment in western countries that is consolidated in favour of undermining the sovereignty of Russia. The process of understanding that Crimea’s status won’t change again and that it will forever remain Russian territory nevertheless progresses step by step,” assured Georgy Muradov.

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