Park in the “Heart” of Belgrade Will be Named After the Perished Alexandrov Ensemble

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The initiative to name a park after the “Alexandrov Ensemble” belongs to the Minister of Culture of Serbia Vladan Vukosavljevich.

The official declared that the prime minister of the country has also approved this proposal. The Serbian Ministry of Culture notes that the legendary ensemble performed many times in Belgrade and “proved that they are the friend of our people and the country”.

This offer was already published on the official government site of the Republic of Serbia.

It is known that nearby the park of Alexandrov’s choir there is the Old Palace of Belgrade, where the city hall is located. It is reported that the ensemble of song and dance of the Russian army performed in the capital of Serbia 11 times.

Each performance of legendary collective became a grandiose event in the cultural life of Belgrade. The last concert took place last year.

“Rusdialog” already reported that the plane with the performers crashed near Sochi on December 25th. Rescuers are still at work at the crash site. It is known that the families of the dead will receive 1 million rubles in compensation.

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