PARNAS 5th Column List: Thieves, Crooks, and Hooligans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

The Central Electoral Commission of Russia made public an approved list of potential candidates from the party “PARNAS”. There are now two lists – candidates running by party lists, and those who decided to try their hand in single-seat districts. And it isn’t surprising at all that among the candidates there are many persons who don’t honor the Criminal Code of Russia. Probably it’s not incidentally that on the official site of “PARNAS”, the list doesn’t contain data about criminal fighters for your and our freedom.

If the alphabet begins with the letter A, the list of single-seat PARNAS MPs begins with article 116 of the criminal code — “Battery”. Such a candidate intends to represent Altai single-seat constituency No. 2. His name is Knyazev Urmat Alekseevich, 1978. He has a criminal record – part 1 of article 116 “Battery” of the criminal code of Russia. Judging by the information from open sources, the criminal incident happened on January 9th, 2012, on the bank of the lake in the village of Kosh-Agach. Knyazev was together there with his brother Alexander. There was a quarrel between them and the locals during which, as investigators established, the brothers “struck multiple blows with fists and feet to the local Oleg Akchinov”. The result – a guilty verdict and 150 hours of community service, and also deprivation of deputy powers in the Legislative Assembly of the Altai Republic.

The following “PARNAS” activist intends to subdue the Udmurt single-seat constituency No. 33. He’s called Zakirov Ildar Shamilevich, date of birth – August 28th, 1986. He has a criminal record – part 1 of the article 159 “Fraud” of the criminal code of Russia. And in the Republic of Chuvashia, distributor of extremist pictures – Semeynov Dmitry Anatolevich, 1989 – intends to run for Kanashsky single-seat constituency No. 37. He has a criminal record relating to Part 1 of article 280 “Public Appeals to implement extremist activity” of the Criminal code of Russia.

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Stavropol Krai – The Stavropol single-seat constituency No. 65 will perhaps see in its ballots a specialist in fair elections. Lebedev Pavel Valeryevich, 1975, member of the political party “People’s Freedom Party” (“PARNAS”) and chairman of the regional office in Stavropol Krai, was judged explicitly on this subject. Part 3 of article 33 “Types of Accomplices of a Crime”, part 2 of article 142 of the criminal code “Falsification of Election Documents and Referendum Documents” is familiar to him firsthand. The circumstances of his criminal record are connected with Mikhail Kasyanov and the mass falsification of signatures in his support in 2008, about which Lebedev himself said: “In 2008, a criminal case was opened against Lebedev who was the head of regional HQ of candidate M. Kasyanov under the article “Falsification of voting documents”. The conviction was extinguished (it was abolished) before the appointed time by the court’s decision in 2011. Today he is not legally convicted”. But the existing conviction was, apparently, indicated to the Central Election Commission in order to emphasize the presence of problematic candidates in the PARNAS.

The Vologda region will be overjoyed with the candidate Domozhirov Evgeny Valerevich, 1974, he has a criminal record – part 1 of article 116 “Battery”, part 1 of article 318 “Use of Violence Against a Representative of Power”. “On October 31st, 2011, he clashed with police officers, trying to prevent detention of a companion” — reported reference books, specifying that the matter was on elections to Legislative Assembly of the region in 2011. As a result, Domozhirov was found guilty and sentenced to a fine of 120,000 rubles, and on November 28, 2012, the Legislative Assembly of the Vologda region stopped his powers as deputy. The activist was showed up by the event of deception with real estate investors. “Individual investors even didn’t even imagine that among the builders who deceived their expectations there were active participants of the social movement “Together”, Evgeny Domozhirov’s colleagues, which positioned themselves as ardent defenders of the deceived,” the regional press reported. Now he runs for the Vologda single-seat constituency No. 85 from Kasyanov’s party.

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The industrial single-seat constituency No. 162 in the Samara region, is going to meet one more owner of a criminal record from “PARNAS”. The candidate Puntok Anton Andreevich, 1987, had problems with the criminal code under part 2 of article 116 “Battery” and part 2 of article 146 “Violation of Copyright and Related Rights”.

And, finally, Sverdlovsk region – Berezovsky single-seat constituency No. 170. Here candidate Borisov Mikhail Orestovich, 1957, characterises “PARNAS”. And part 3 of article 158 “The Plunder of State or Public Property Made by Theft on a large scale” of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, is a milestone in his biography.

Among the part of “fighters for freedom” that were judged, no less curious looks the all-party list of PARNAS. It’s not enough that the aforementioned colleagues of Kasyanov entered, there are also additional companions.

Regional group No. 14 (Perm Krai). Kasimov Mikhail Borisovich, 1961, part 1 of article 116 of the criminal code of Russian Federation – “Battery”. Regional group No. 26 (The Vladimir region, the Ryazan region, Tula region) – Bogomolov Yury Aleksandrovich, 1960, the article 319 “Insult of a Representative of Power”.

However, Chernitsyn Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1962, looks the most bright on the party list of “PARNAS”. He has a criminal record – part 2 of the article 163 “Extortion” of the Criminal code of the Russia; also there was a criminal record – part 2 of the article 129 “Slander”, part 1 of the article 222 “Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, Sale, Storage, Transportation, or Bearing of Firearms, Its Basic Parts, Ammunition” of the Criminal code of the Russia. A serious citizen, just saying…

There were already numerous reports that “PARNAS” had obvious problems with its staff. In particular, the “Top Secret” edition already in April, 2016,  was surprised by the personalities that represents the Party of People’s Freedom in regions – builders with doubtful reputations, microcreditors and collectors, religious sectarians and the laidback criminals, and also cunning recipients of state contracts and foreign grants. However it seems that Kasyanov doesn’t read Russian newspapers. And Kasyanov’s “wave of changes” brought surprises to voters again, and  the lowered the reputation of those who made the selection of candidates.

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